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Apr 29, 2013
Over the weekend, a Reddit post accused the latest version of NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software of gathering personal data and sharing it for all the world to see. GeForce Experience delved pretty deep, going so far as to grab email addresses.
It turns out there's nothing illicit going on. A combination of NVIDIA's GeForce Experience FAQ and PC Gamer's breakdown of what's going on cleared up the issue.
"We may from time to time share your Personal Information with our business partners, resellers, affiliates, service providers, consulting partners and others in order to provide our Services to you," reads the company's privacy policy. NVIDIA goes on to say that "We also permit third party online advertising networks and social media companies to collect information about your use of our website over time so that they may play or display ads that may be relevant to your interests."
However, that privacy policy is a general document not specific to GeForce Experience. GFE's FAQ explicitly states that the program "does not share any personally identifiable information outside the company. NVIDIA may share aggregate-level data with select partners, but does not share user-level data."
In this case, "aggregate-level data" refers to a collective of users rather than individuals. This clarification comes from Gamers Nexus, who reached out to NVIDIA for comment.
GFE collects data relevant to determining which drivers a user needs as well as optimal settings for applications spanning games, operating systems, and hardware. Any user signed into GFE submits that data to NVIDIA, but no personal information is shared.
The dustup gained enough traction—even spilling to the Shacknews Chatty forum—that NVIDIA issued a statement to set users at ease. "NVIDIA may share aggregate-level data with select partners, but does not share user-level data. The nature of the information collected has remained consistent since the introduction of GeForce Experience 1.0. The change with GeForce Experience 3.0 is that this error reporting and data collection is now being done in real-time."
Ultimately, sensitive information such as email addresses go no further than NVIDIA.


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