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Apr 29, 2013
Nvidia announced a new member of its Shield family today: the Nvidia Shield Tablet. It's now available for pre-order starting at $299, with an optional wireless controller for $59.
You can pre-order it from the official site. It's $299 for a 16GB wifi version, and $399 for a 32GB version with LTE. It uses a Tegra K1 192 core GPU, sports 2GB of RAM with a Cortex A15 CPU, a multitouch display, and front-facing speakers. It will be available on July 29.
The announcement boasts that it will be the first mobile device to inegrate Twitch streaming as well. Twitch has offered a mobile SDK for developers to use earlier this year, and it was put to use very quickly after that. Broadcasting through a mobile device isn't new, but integrating it into the device is.
The tablet sports a 5MP camera, mic, and chat overlay to make the task easier, along with an optional headset. It will also come pre-installed with the Twitch streaming application for Android, and Nvidia's own "Shadowplay," a tool for saving and sharing your gaming moments.
“It’s no secret our goal is to be everywhere that gamers are, which includes bringing Twitch broadcasting and viewing to every console,” said Kevin Lin, COO, Twitch. “With this integration into the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet, we are not only one step closer to achieving our goal, we are strengthening our relationship with the ever-growing global mobile community.”


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