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Hey everyone,

As promised, here is the full list of card buffs for the November 19th update. I will be stepping through each card and our thoughts on it. A trend that is prevalent throughout these changes is increasing survivability for 3 and 4 cost cards so that they have a chance to activate. This is a philosophy we will be carrying forward from here on out. Remember, these stats are still in testing and may change before the final release.

Explanation for the images, the current versions of the cards are on the left (gray background). They are the maximum level Base, Dual and Quad in that order. On the right (white background) you have the new updated versions in the same order.

If you cannot see the images on mobile, here is an imgur gallery of the images: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

.: Epics

Concealed Dragon needed some more offensive power to bring with its massive heal. Dualstrike cards are always a little trickier than others, as their power increases greatly as the Dualstrike cooldown gets lower. Were happy with this card in the end though; its fun, especially in a Dragon deck!

Ferocious Clawkin needed a small survivability and Attack bump. The largest problem with this card was that its Quad version just didnt have enough power to justify an upgrade. Weve given it some more punch. Youll also notice that we took away a point of pierce as a price. This is the only instance where we took away any stats on the buffed cards so we are very interested in your feedback. Overall, we feel that this is a healthy bump, although definitely the smallest on this list.

Glass Colossus was in a tough spot. For a 3 cost, he needed some serious help. We gave him a bunch of cool stuff to make him exciting. Lots of Attack and Weaken All 3 is excellent for a front line oppressor!

UPDATE: Based on community feedback and additional targeted testing we have come to the conclusion that the Glass Colossus buff announced last Friday was a bit too good. Weve reduced the cards Weaken All down a point at maximum level and have removed a point of Barrier as well. This configuration tested in a much more acceptable range.

Paladin was a bit too narrow to interest most players. We realized that a lot of Aether creatures have Aether only abilities and we felt that we could ease that up a little bit. In this case, we removed the Aether restriction on the all ability and gave Paladin some more Health to help her stay alive and activate.

Sage of Croaks was a pretty good card in the Frog deck, but we found even dedicated frog decks were sometimes overlooking this guy. We felt his greatest weakness was that he didnt bring enough damage pressure to the table, so we gave him some more offensive power with Hex All 2 and a bit more Health.

The base version of Skeletal Giant made me sad. His skills were very underwhelming on the base version and we believe we brought him to a much cooler place with this update. All skills at the lower end were buffed, along with general Health buffs. Also, his art is awesome! Did you notice Aria in the corner summoning him? :)

Storm Giant was nowhere near the heavy hitter we needed him to be at 4 cost. 7 Attack was just not enough with his skill set. We brought up his Attack and Vengeance, along with a Health buff to help make sure he activates.

Titan of Fire needed a large Health buff. Bolt All is awesome but not if he can never activate. Hes got a lot more Health and now gains Bolt All 2 at max level!

Tusker was pretty underpowered for a 4 cost Epic all around. He got a Health boost, a Barrier boost, and the first addition of Fervor that we have seen in the Standard set of cards!

.: Legendaries

Aven Skypiercer got some power! Theres a big upgrade to his bolt as well as a bump in survivability with a point of Armored and some Health!

So this is a rarity; Azure Sphinx got a new skill stapled to him (and some Health). That skill is Dualstrike. Youre probably giving your monitor the same look that the team did when it was first pitched. Azure Sphinx is a great support unit, but what he lacks in punch for a 3 cost Legendary he more than makes up for in protection. Hes got some big turns in store for your opponent when Dualstrike activates!

Cerberus was a pretty exciting card, but only when he got all the way to Quad. His Dual was underwhelming, his base even more so. Weve given a huge buff to his early levels and bonuses to both of his All skills throughout. This card is crazy mean now, as a 4 cost should be!

Originally Hekaton was meant to be a low Health, high armor glass cannon unit. He was vulnerable to Bolt and Pierce, but otherwise he was likely to give you a bad day. Unfortunately, with his low Health, it was previously very hard to activate him and the pay off for trying to was not good enough. With this update we wanted to keep his more fragile Health, but we turned the threat level of this card up to 11. If this card is able to stay on the field it will be eating people alive. I believe this is what we call a Doomsday card.

Winter is coming and Ice Dragon is prepared! Our icy friend got the Health boost that we have been pushing across all the 3 and 4 costs in this update with a buff to his Weaken All and some of his earlier level Freeze cooldowns, too.

[Generic joke about releasing Krakens here]. This guy was simply in need of a Health buff. We gave some power to his earlier levels as well. Small fun fact: his Invisibility comes from his ability to dive deep into the water where he is far out of reach of attacks!

Rhythm of the Wyld brought power to your team for a good cost, he just didnt bring any power himself. Weve brought the Attack of Rhythm up at earlier levels and gave him a small Health buff overall.

Storm Dragon, though really awesome at Quad, was very underwhelming at the base and Dual levels. We brought some of that power down to the Base to help him out. Weve also removed the Aether portion of his Barrier All to help him be relevant in a larger variety of decks!

Treant King got a survivability buff and a little more Attack power in his final form. We also adjusted his Siphon to always match his Attack!

Thank you for continuing to give us constructive feedback. We strive to make the game balanced and fun for a variety of different play styles. Its our hope that this will allow the entire community the flexibility to not feel confined to one winning strategy. Although many of you had strong and varying opinions about these recent announcements, we hope that these adjustments overall show our appreciation of your ongoing input.
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