Needing more clan members for teams (1 Viewer)


Jun 25, 2016
Wisconsin USA
Add me so we can get some team play going. Steam ID Dot.Zero / |Fever| Dot.Zero


Jun 6, 2016
I also Play CS:GO , My Steam is cricket11 if anyone is down to play .


May 12, 2016
I havent played in awhile but Gold Nova 2, SteamID: JPath


Jun 20, 2016
unranked thus far but im in the us and the people i usually play with are on eu servers so my ping is around 125


Jun 11, 2016
Halland, Sweden
What's important to remember when looking for people to team up with is to make sure that you mention which rank you are since a GN4 or AK can't play with a S1-S4 for example.

I'm Gold Nova 3 and tend to jump up and down in rank now and then dependable on how much I mess around but feel free to add me: "EllmansWorld" (I have Fever tags on)


Jul 6, 2016
Lithuania, Mazeikiai
Hello guys i am looking for a team.
Nickname: Korn1S
Age: 15
CS:GO mm rank MG2
CS:GO hours ~750h
Role Lurker, Support, Rifler
I am looking for a team which would play tournaments, clan wars, do training and something like that, in other words try to reach pro scene
add me on steam and comment on my profile why you add me Steam Community :: Korn1S#LTU |


Jun 20, 2016
well i finally got ranked a few days ago and now imk a silver elite master and ill be moving up as quick as i can
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