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World of Warcraft classic didn't interested me in the first few years because I was dedicated to Final Fantasy 11 MMORPG. I played FFXI from 2000-2005 (the first year I got to play beta). In 2005 while I was going to college, I started playing classic wow with my cousin and his friends since they invited me to play with them. The first thing I noticed, while leveling in the game, was how it was twice as easy to play as FFXI was. I loved it for it's ease of use. But this only made me want to try harder to prove a FFXI made me more skilled at WoW. But I had a lot of catching up to do.

My cousin and his friends chose Horde on PvP server Dark Iron (a year later I found there was twice as many alliance to horde). Without knowing what class would be good at pve/pvp, I did know that I liked to melee and hybrid abilities to self heal from FFXI. So I chose Orc Shaman. This later turned out to be perfect for me. Leveling wasn't easy because the high player count of alliance on the server loved to gank. I had no intentions to be a pvp focus player, but the ganking transformed me. Half of my time spent leveling to 60 was in battlegrounds. All that ganking made me want to kill alliance and make them lose bgs. But we were almost always out numbered in battlegrounds due to more alliance on the server. Then at level 50 my cousin and clan mates showed me the video that would religiously consume me for the next year, the Unbreakable Stormstrike Windfury Shaman PvP video. From level 50 and the next year of being 60 I was stormstrike builds.

Once level 60 I spent a little bit of time doing 60 dungeons for gear to prepare for pvp, but I also farmed battlegrounds for reputation gear including the Unstoppable Force in Alterac Valley. Despite the 1:8 win ratio because of faction imbalance, I got my full champion set and warlord set. They were that sweet juggernaut looking sets. Though I constanly tried for High Warlord, I never achieved that title and WEAPON. The only way to get high warlord was from 12 hours of pvp a day for a week, and I had a job. After a year of heavy pvp came the two patches that would nerf windfury obsolete. Then I would find my new holy grail video which was elemental/resto shaman pvp video by Ioneye. Since my warlord set was also changed in a patch from melee stats to caster stats, the potential was there. But I started raiding with a guild since the best elemental gear was in raids. My second year of classic was half spent raiding. Secretly I was a healer with my PvP elemental/resto build. Later I told guild mates I was close with, and they were shocked that I was topping healing charts with a pvp elemental spec. I ended up getting most of the best gear (including the spellpower cooldown trinket). Throughout classic wow I dueled in from of Orgrimmar every single day, and became notorious for beating the best the server could offer with both enhancement in it's prime and elemental specs. But my ego back then caught me a lot of flak. Even the alliance knew me well from constant battleground encounters as they would shout out hateful things to me in battlegrounds.

Things I learned from Vanilla:
  • PvP was content
  • Hitting max level for you, guild mate, or friend was celebrated
  • All classes had "OP" specs if used right with good gear
  • Information was hard to come by
  • Ventrilo was mainstream for guilds (lol)
  • WoW was easier to level in than FFXI
  • Being good at a class was harder in WoW than FFXI
  • Professions were a huge deal and were hard to skill up

And I will finish this reply with my holy grail videos of vanilla.

Unbreakable Warlord Shaman

Ioneye Elemental Shaman
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