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Feb 19, 2015
Hey guys; long time member here; used to be a clan member but I haven't really been on much.

Anyways; I finished updating my Diablo guide; in my opinion this is the only correct way to play him; if you guys have accounts on
heroesfire if it wouldn't be too much a hassle to thumb up my guide or at least check it out I would be very appreciative. I'd like to
get the 5 required votes to have it show up on the scale.


Heroes of the Storm Build Guide: Diablo BEST build Up to Date :: HeroesFire


Dec 24, 2014
United States
You take away a ton of his tankiness by not taking soul feast at 1. At four, the damage from fire devil, because you will be sitting in fights for so long is something that is significantly better than the very little bit of healing you get from essence of the slain. The ult is situational based on the map more than anything but the extra CC is extremely powerful. Rampage at 16 for much the same reason as 4, you can do a lot of damage to their back line and the second over power doesn't add much to the fight. You want to use overpower to isolate one individual, not two.

Diablo has the potential to have the largest health pool in the game and stay in fights for a much longer period of time. The quick res is all well and good but being able to stay alive and with your team is much more useful. He's not Murky. Coming back to life quickly doesn't do much if the rest of your team died in the mean time.

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