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Feb 18, 2016
Hi all,

I have heard that people have been looking for a faster TX build for monks that doesn't require the steep gear requirement of LoN. I have been testing builds and put this one together which I have been using as of late. This season I took a break from monk and did some ADD playing, clearing a 70+ on a Sader, DH, Wiz and then finally back to Monk. I am working on some builds right now for season 6 monk and will post once I have them finalized. The season 6 speed build is looking nice and I am excited about that. My tag on Dfans is Asylum21 which I had a long time ago.

TX Inna'''s Exploding Plam - Monk - Diablo III Builds - Diablo Fans

I know it's late in the season but for those that want to try monk and don't have the LoN build at the ready here is a good alternative for running TX for keys. The main focus is to have inna's do most the work and to have your mystic allies kill things quickly. The proc form flying dragon and pain enhancer help make this a more powerful build. Even with out the two pc Uliana's things do die fast but once you get those juicy rifts the exploding palm really helps kill mobs that may not be close to you. I am a fan of exploding palm and wanted to see some kind of effective TX build using it.

Game play: Use cyclone strike to pull your mobs in and increase damage of your mystic allies by 200%. Punch away causing you to stack exploding palm on mobs you can hit your mystic ally on CD or wait for the cold portion of COE to come around not much of a difference while clearing the rift but on the rift guardian the cold will take him down fast. With the speed buff from boon and Mantra of conviction you can move at a respectful pace. You can also experiment with other items and passives. Have fun!


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Dec 21, 2015
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As a new monk player, I really appreciate this ;) - I think this thread should be on Diablo 3 "Classes" Sub-forum

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