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May 17, 2016
We are Fever Nation! (To join the clan you must apply to Fever Clan and Become a full member)
We are a current small group of players 2-4 players looking to gain another 5+ to join us on Redox Server!
We are currently after yesterdays raid (Found on youtube: RIP DRY CLAN- RUST - YouTube) one of the more feared clans if not the most feared clan on the server but thats not enough we want more!

We range in age from 15+
Only thing we ask is you respect FeverClans rules (Respect etc.) and you do the grafting work as well as the fun work for example mining for sulfur yes its boring and no one likes it but the more of you that do the faster we raid!

We need more just for the pure reason is that we need to be more active and raid those massive ladder hatch bases that are 9 floors high we need more people!

If you wish to join please contact [MENTION=67329]GUNZAREUS[/MENTION] or [MENTION=68193]xDeeZx[/MENTION] We will more than happily get you settled into the team and join us raiding.

What to mention when you contact us:
Favourite weapon?
Preffered role? (Ex. Building)
Weakest skill?
Strongest skill?
How active are you?
Hours played?


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