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Apr 28, 2015
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I am currently running a modded server on the Center map. The server is currently password protected but I will give out the password to anyone who wants to join. It currently is set to PVE mode but I am thinking that I will switch it to PVP on the weekends, giving players a week to build up a base and get some beasts together. If there is enough demand for it I will consider keeping the server PVP full time. Drama will not be tolerated on the server, it is meant to be fun for everyone not just for a certain few. If I see or hear of constant farming or raiding of a certain person I will toggle the PVP off or remove the person who is guilty of these actions. As I am a little strapped for cash at the moment the current player limit is set to 10, it can be increased to 40 if more people want to join us. As of 7/9/16 there are 3 people on the server and 2 more that pop on from time to time, the difficulty offset is set to 1.

A list of the mods we use can be found below (this may not be all of them):
Homing Pigeon
Taming Sedative
Aku Shima Electronics
No Collision Structures
Metal with Class Set
Photon Sentry and Rifle
Ark Fog Remover
PG's Dragon Gods
Seven's Mod Kit
Kibble Vending Machine
Resource Stacks
Advanced Architecture
Auto Torch
Death Helper
Pet Finder
Stargate Atlantis
Utility Saddles

Rates are currently set to:
15x Exp
15x Gather
50x Tame
Reduced Time for Breeding
Increased Engrams gained so you can learn all
Max player level 100
Max wild dino level 160 w/ Dragon gods going up to 400 from what we have seen so far

Areas not permitted to build at (if any buildings found there other than what an admin has spawned for public use will be removed):
Volcano Island peaks
Skull Island
Underground Caves
Floating Island

Any other questions or concerns feel free to ask or if you are interested in joining either post here for password or ask in Teamspeak

Server name: Dino Eggs & Bacon
Password: Fever12
Be patient when loading the list sometimes it takes a couple mins for the server to show up
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May 19, 2016
I will stickie this thread just PM me if you ever bring the server down.


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Apr 28, 2015
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[MENTION=50115]Tipherion[/MENTION] I'm interested in joining the server
I edited the original post and added the server info to the bottom. It may seem empty but that because I originally got the host for a server me and a few buddies could play on and decided to open it to the Fever community. I am hoping there will be at least a few people on this weekend when I enable the PVP. See ya in game later
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