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Jan 1, 2014
Okay so this is a fun server which is my own and I would love for some Fever Minecraft players to come along and start a town up and kick some ass of the other community players that are already in there!

Pretty much all you need to know from my
Planetminecraft post:

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"Where Commitment Matters."

For all the donations and forum for talk to players from the server!

Check out our website to see whats going on with our server and you can vote, donate and chat with other players in the forum there!

Our 1.7.4 Dedicated Server is full of creativity and allows you the player to create anything you want (within reason). We have place the Towny plugin in to our server to protect our players land from griefing and troll players. We have mature players in our community with great staff willing to help any new players to the server, If you need the help or are just looking for a great experience today is the day to join.
Our server is run and powered by CreeperHost,

Server Information:

RAM: 3072MB


CPU: 2 cores

The package is recommended for no lag and brilliant game experience by many.

We are soon looking to upgrade to meet the needs of our community to prevent lag and inconveniences on our server which can come from a high amount of players!

Feel free to join, We won't let you down.



Jan 1, 2014
Any server owners give me any tips on getting more players on my server?


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May 2, 2011
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making it non-pvp, not griefable without having to become rich to protect land (bukkit/core-protect to rollback griefers), advertise it as a 1.7 vanilla style server, use of protection stones/blocks to cordon off a plot with creeper explosions and TNT disabled.

sample servers that have been around for YEARS with a consistent - growing player base:

both also use a donation system, with hubs to areas like pvp, hardcore, skyblock, skygrid, hunger games, capture the flag, prophunt, mariokart, and mini-games.

tbh your server is nice as it is and advertising it as a vanilla style will help keep costs down and make for a more manageable server, the two i mention are HUGE with hundreds+++ of players on at the same time. not sure if that is actually what you really want.

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Jan 26, 2014
Try to keep the spawn double greifed protected because there are ways around that that people have probably found it out...
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