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Nov 26, 2015
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I've been hearing a few questions in game and thought it might be good to try and summarize a nice little list of videos/guides for people that have never played Meta or done Rat Runs. First off, definitions:

1. What is "Meta"? Meta, is a term for what the gold standard is for groups/builds. These can easily be referenced in game for solo, 2, 3 and 4 player by right-clicking your icon, and choosing leader boards. Just look at the top players, and they will have nearly identical gear, stats on gear, and skills. This is Meta.

2. Why "Meta"? It's the most efficient way to play, or it allows for the highest level of play (mostly the latter). You don't have to play meta. Many never do and have a blast, and that's cool! However, if you don't play many other games, or have reached your plateau in D3 and really can't progress any further, this is a nice way to "extend" the playable season. For example, as a solo Necromancer, I really can't do greater rifts without dying a lot past 90 or so. But, if I group with a "Meta" group, we can easily do in the hundreds, and much faster than I can solo.

3. How then do you get to this "Meta" stage of play? Simple, watch the guides, farm the gear (make a shopping list from the guides), and group up! Discord really helps!

Ratz (Rat Runs)
1. What are Rat Runs? They are groups comprised of 3 Necromancers and a Barbarian with the goal of running the highest GR level in around 3 minutes or less.
2. Why??? Fastest way to gain paragon in the game right now. Also nice for leveling up gems quickly, and rolling lots of shards quickly.
3. The "Meta" Ratz group will have a zNecro (does no damage, but freezes everything, and allows for way more damage from the 2 DPS Necros). It will also have 2 Rathma build Necromancers that do all of the DPS (Damage Per Second) or the mob killers. They are able to take many damage dealing abilities and gear they normally couldn't take solo because of the buffs from the zNecro and Barb. And lastly, the Barbarian for buffing survivability and grabbing health globes that the ZNecro generates which fuel the DPS necros for killing mobs.
4. How can I get into this? Simple, watch the video guides, make the shopping list for gear, stat them, and group up!
5. I don't have a necro or barb!!! No problem! Any class works for this concept, although you may not be able to do as high of GR level. Any group of 4 players can do this. The goal is the highest GR level your group can do in 3 minutes or less, so speed farming builds would be needed. These can be found by doing a youtube search "Diablo 3 speed farming builds" and your class. You can also modify depending on your group composition (e.g. if you have a zBarb, you might be able to drop a defensive gem or stat and use more offensive skills because of the nice IP buff from them).

Here are some video guides I have found that I like, but I'm sure there are many more out there. These are going to be for the 4 man meta and Ratz, but feel free to look for your class if you don't have one of these toons:

RGK (Rift Guardian Killers)
Sample Necro Diablofans Build: Pestilence/Corpse Lance 4 Man Group Meta RGK - Necromancer - Diablo III Builds - DiabloFans

RGK Youtube:

Sample Crusader Diablofans Build:

Sample Sader play (can't really find a good RGK guide, but any heaven's fury guide should work):

Heaven's Fury Guide:

Barbarian Support (pull Barb)
Sample Diablofans:

Sample video guide:

Sample diablofans guide with video:

Another diablofans build:

sample video guide:

Wizard (trash clear)
diablofans guide:
diablofans guide2:

video guide:
another video:

Rat Runs:
zNecro (lot's of room for variation in this build)
diablofans guide 1
diablofans guide 2

Youtube video:

sample diablofans guide:

youtube video:

Rathma Necro
diablofans build:


There are plenty more out there to choose from, so feel free to try out variations. Again, search speed farming build if you are not playing a Rat and tweak it to your group comp! Also, there are still playable meta witch doctor's out there, so you can search 4 man WD if you play that (I didn't include it since it's not the true meta right now).



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Aug 18, 2017
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Really awesome! Never knew this stuff but haven't been in a group that high either. Thanks for all the info!

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