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Jul 24, 2015
I'm hoping this isn't against the rules, but from my experiences, narcotics tend to lead to crazy experiences. I'm wondering if any of you guys have a story worth sharing. It could be solo, in a group, at home, in another state; no story is too dull or too crazy!

I'll start:

It was about 2 years ago during summer, I wanna say a bit before summer or early summer. One of my long-lost cousins just came back into my life, we kicked it off the instant he got to my house and everything felt perfect as it happened. He was living at my house for like, 4 months and within these 4 months, along with all the talks we've had, we both learned that we share a love for drugs (funny thing, he was into downers and I was into uppers at the time; opposites attract?! xD). So after this amount of time, he moved back home, to Las Vegas, and I continued to do my thing.

So fast forward to fall, I'm starting to get sick of my work and school schedule. I get a random text from a cousin saying, "COME DOWN TO VEGAS THIS WEEKEND!"
So what the fuck can I say? lol.
Around this time, one of my friends started dealing Molly and I believe I bought 8, for 6 people lul.
I showed up to their house, at fuckin 4am. EVERYONE was asleep except for whoever opened the door. I, having Molly and being excited to see all my cousins, continue to run to everyone who's at the house, wake them up and hand them a Molly.
"Sooo, what are these?"
Heh, a majority of my cousins have not tried any drugs besides alcohol, weed and maybe a pain killer or muscle relaxer. My cousin and I thoroughly explained what Molly's are, what to expect, made sure no one was mixing chems and then we took them!
Prior to this experience, I have taken Molly and ecstasy more than 10 times; But this was one of the most intense rolls in my life.
I had conversations on top of conversations with everyone. I remember so many confessions being shared and the acceptance of the confessions. I remember the feeling of getting a big load off my chest. I remember tearing up. We danced, we danced hard. I was never really a dancer, but this roll awakened my inner dancer(and if you ask anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love to dance xD). And lastly, the massages we got and gave... Words can't explain, you just gotta trust me when I say they were to die for.
We continued all this madness until well after sun up where we all knocked the fuck out.. the rest of this Vegas trip was chill, we relaxed, smoked weed and enjoyed the time we had away from work and school.

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