May 15th 2017- Monday Night HOTS Game Night ! 9:00PM EST (1 Viewer)

Good Afternoon FEVER !

Just Wanted to let everyone know that tonight is HOTS Monday Night Game Night !

Details are as follows:

Start Time: 9:00PM EST
End Time: Usually 11:00PM EST but usually keeps going after with active members

Voice Comms: Since the clan is currently trying to move over to Discord, I would like to see as many people switch over to Discord as possible, correct me if im wrong [MENTION=37458]Baum[/MENTION], but we will still be running Team Speak and will host game night there if that is the majority.

Game Types:Typically we shoot for some custom games types and keep the matches internal depending on the turn out. We are very flexible in what we do in regards to games though, please feel free to suggest ideas and alternative suggestions for tonight.

Most Important: Have fun ! This night is for your guys/ girls, without any of you this would not be possible ! Looking forward to seeing everyone there !

See you in the Nexus


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