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Mar 11, 2015
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Lets start with a normal run through of easiest way to level!!!

From level 1-25 or 30 there are two options (or three rather) that you can use when you are in this early stage of the game. One is the Holo-Sim (or X-Mansion defense) and the other is pure grinding in ICP (Industry City Patrol). The reason why ICP is the ideal place for low level heroes is that, once you have finished an event, the map will give a box that contains items and exp that can help you on your grinding. (NOTE: Holo-Sim and/or X-Mansion Defense are much faster compared to the ICP grinding. But let me warn you though, there are times that you will have to wait in queue before you can jump in.)

From level 25 or 30-60 Okay, now that the easy part is done, it is now time for the hard part of grinding in Marvel Heroes 2015. When you have reached level 25 (or 30, depends on your preference) it is now time to start doing terminals. Start with green first and finish all of them (leave Doctor Doom terminal for your last run. Hes one tough opponent to fight so gain as many level as you can first). Then while you are doing terminal run, you should also do legendary quests. That way you can save up some time and Odin Marks and double experience while you are at it.

Cube Shards save all of your cube shards. This one is a must. Once you have accumulated 10 cube shards, go to Clea in Avengers Tower and buy Fortune Card Mark 1. If you are lucky, you might get the exp boost of 50% or even better, the 100% rare item find boost.


If a legendary quest requires you to clear multiple treasure rooms and you have another character on the same difficulty you can quickly swap characters outside the treasure room (if its a world instance) and reset the room. Handy for not having to run around the map finding the other ones!
Prioritize Slot 4 and 5 items that have + Exp or move speed on them for quicker leveling speeds

If you have the cash for it an even faster way to do legendaries is to invite everyone you can in Midtown and reset the legendary quest each time it is not a midtown. You will share kill credit with anyone in your group which makes the quests FLY by

Start with Cyclops if you're going for efficiency. His level 50 synergy is +10% XP which combines well with the first level 60 hero +30% Experience Bonus.

want Rocket Raccoon to stand in place while executing his quick shot without holding the Shift key? Drag Quick Shot to the right mouse attack button. A simple but huge quality of life improvement if youre obsessed with breaking **** as I am.

Fighting a boss with a party and die? Respawn and right click => teleport to instantly get back to the fight. Just dont do it on the tank or prepare to be one shot. This works for every dungeon as well

level 60+:
HERO SYNERGIES: Each hero you level to 50 provides a "Synergy Bonus" to the other heroes on your roster (available on the 'P'owers menu). At level 60, you also get a large XP bonus for each hero (+30% for the first, +20% for the second, etc.). Cyclops is very popular for this reason, as his +10% XP synergy (on top of the regular XP bonus) is useful for all heroes while leveling. You can see the Synergies given by heroes not currently on your roster on the 'P'owers screen, to help decide who you may want to level up next.

TEAM-UPS: Team-Ups are very useful, and can be shared among as many heroes on your roster as you'd like. I prefer Domino, as her passive abilities are good for everyone, but at this stage you may want to just get the much-cheaper Groot. Make sure to equip your new Team-Up with gear and skills on the 'I'nventory screen, including whether they stay out all the time or give major stat buffs when away. Use 'K' to summon your Team-Up, and '_' (underscore) to dismiss them. Also, try to find a BIOMETRICS ENHANCER with HEALTH REGENERATION, as this is the single most useful stat for Team-Up heroes. Team-Ups do not bind to a playable Hero, and can be equipped by as many as you'd like.

CYBERNETICS: If you've Prestiged, you can buy an Iron Buddy for credits. If not, "Old Lace" is available for 400 Splinters, or randomly from Fortune Cards (Clea sells them for Cube Shards). Even if your pet is never summoned, the Cybernetics system - used by donating equipment to your pet - can provide some surprisingly large stat bonuses. If you find the donation system to be too monotonous, you can simply hit 'J' after a kill to automatically donate nearby greens, blues, and purples to your pet, or set that to automatically happen in your "Options > Gameplay" menu. The actual stats generated are random, so be prepared to reset them at the Crafter when you get stats you don't like. Pets do not bind to Heroes when equipped, and can be swapped between them at will.

PRESTIGE: You may also choose to "Prestige" a Hero. This will reset your level to one, give you a colored chat name, allow you to buy an "Iron Buddy" pet for credits, and give you an additional default costume (any three can be combined at the Crafter to get a random costume). The rewards are almost entirely cosmetic. If you want to go this route rather than staying at level 60, you can buy a Gourd of Prestige from Clea.


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Sep 13, 2016
at the moment this is what i have been searching for, and others have already mentioned things that would make nice additions to your guide

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