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Apr 8, 2019
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About Selenite's original question, I own Jackbox party 1-4, and even though they've released the 6th one, I'm torn about purchasing the 5th one, since I never have with whom to play, and the original "You Don't Know Jack" is lost on me, because the trivia is US-centered, and I only get some of the questions.

I also have Golf With Friends and Tabletop Simulator, though I'm awful playing the first (which is funny in and of itself), and never played the second. Considering my sense of humor, if someone wishes to play Golf With Friends with me, remember I'm a Russian living in Brazil. Sense of humor is different among individuals, moreso among different countries.


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Aug 23, 2019
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Tabletop simulator might be worth trying at some point, since there are basically an infinite number of possible games that can be played with it. It seems to have a pretty steep learning curve, though (e.g. it's easy to wind up with the pieces flying through the air rather than going where you want them).

Don't worry about having to buy the Jackbox games -- only one person needs to own it for up to 99 people to play. And most of the games are at least somewhat less US-centered than YDKJ.

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