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Sep 20, 2014
I have started(slowly) with the help of my father and friend(both in the guild) to level up some trade skills to better help the guild at the later levels. we are working on tailoring/leatherworking/metalworking primarily so we have all armor and weapons covered. We are also working on alchemy. This is a long process and burns a lot of labor but in the long run it will help the guild gear for end game adventures.

I am looking for any assistance with materials such as cotton/logs/ore. the simpliest thing is to just produce the base level combinations. later in the game we will need higher tiers of materials. something else we will need is Sunlight/Moonlight/Starlight Archeum motes/dust/shard/essence ect. those are used to make the armor(moonlight), weapons(sunlight), and jewelry(starlight).

Another thing I am offering if for you to mail me the materials you want processed. We will process them with our labor points and mail the final product back to you. This way you save labor and we increase crafting.

Any assistance can be mailed to Kiamara or Discord(both my characters) in game. please put in the mail weither it is materials gifted to me, or materials you want processed and mailed back.
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