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Dearest of Children,

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that after Wed 8/19/2015 I will relinquish my Game Night hosting duties as I prepare for my final semester of College. I'm not saying that I won't show up to game night sometimes, but I don't want to go into the semester with a preset thing to do on a preset night because my professors don't give a shit about that. It's mainly precautionary so I don't get burnt out and I don't want to Vet in the clan so I'm going to give up a job or 3 and still be the Company Commander of HotS.

With that being said Hump Day HotS needs a new host. This host will be responsible for all game night related activities including advertising, hosting matches, and logging. All game nights are to be hosted as outlined in the game night section under competition central of the forums. You'll get paid a little bit of Fever coins, I think it's 200 for every night hosted, and a little recognition for taking on a job if you are looking to move up in the ranks of Fever. I know have some awesome officers that might want to do it, but I's prefer an enlisted member so that someone has an opportunity to shine and stand out that maybe hasn't yet.

The hard work is done for you. I've built this up since January when the game was still in beta and for the past month we have had at least 20 people at game night. Everyone knows about it so getting people there is easy. You still have to take care of it though. This game night is one of the corner stones that helped me build this section. It's one of the most frequently populated game nights and a big reason why we keep a lot of members in Fever HotS. So if you decide to take this job, take care of it, it's my child.

You can reply here or pm me if you are interested or have any questions.

So you know what I'm up to @MissJoker [MENTION=510]Merconic[/MENTION]



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Jun 24, 2012
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I'm always willing to take over. However if someone else would rather, that's cool with me as well! :)

...as long as I don't disappear for a nap again o_O


Jun 28, 2015
Florida - USA
Thnx for all the work you did man! Good Luck with your School! Good Luck on the replacement


Feb 18, 2015
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Awww sadface! :C Good luck man! Totally understand though! I hope your last semester goes well~ <3


Aug 9, 2013
I've done it before, I'll (basically) always be there.. I came up with the name.. I would be glad to carry on the legacy, man! With the aid of [MENTION=47649]Catsarah[/MENTION] , of course!! <3

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