Event: LoL Game Night 8pm EST NA! (1 Viewer)

Added to Calendar: 04-15-20

League Game Night

When = Thursday @ 8pm EST

Where = League of Legends Lobby

What = Aram / Summoners Rift

How = NA Toon


Come join us for the first League of Legends Game Night in quite a while! I'm looking to revive this place and bring back some fun and classic ARAM's we will also do some Summoners Rift. Don't forget, could be a big One For All night too! Lets rock their socks!

I want all of your feedback good and bad afterwards everyone, I'd like to see this game grow once more into the behemoth it once was.

Some quick rules I'll be setting for the night to make sure we all can enjoy ourselves:
1. No blame game - Don't go blaming/insulting your teammates, just remember even Faker has a tough game from time to time
2. Have fun - Even when losing, try to enjoy yourself, just not at the expense of your teammates
3. Be mindful - Just know we have different levels of players, and we're not here to go Pro
4. If you're going to troll, make it a 5 man troll - remember, trolls travel in packs, don't be a solo troll (No one appreciates a solo troll)

Hosted by your very own Sixxed17! Thanks again Sixxed!
If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message here on the forums or in discord - I'm happy to answer. Also I plan on sending out messages via discord the night before and day of Game Night - If you wish to NOT have a message sent just let me know. Looking forward to running it down mid with all of you!

- Ballbuster


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I should be off tomorrow. See you guys in chat


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Aug 16, 2017
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sure if some ppl play wiht cuz the Game Night is all kind of diff Game modes Normal ones and some fun game mode"s that are crate by our Comunity -- thats how i want it to be and elo and how bad good you are does not mcount cuz its all About playing together and having a good time fun and just enjoy been wiht the Fever Family

so if you have some Ideas or sugsetiuon feel free to ask you can also PN Ballbuster cuz he is the ond that had bring back the Game Nights in the first place so kudos to him

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