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Vertical jungling! The new popular kid on the block in League of Legends. It has recently gained popularity due to the XP nerfs in the jungle, and is essential to know how to use for every jungle who wants to climb. Today we will explain what it is and when to use it.

What is vertical jungling
Vertical jungling is when junglers opt to clear one of their own sides of the jungle and one of the enemies side of the jungle, instead of splitting the map in the normal fashion horizontally down river. Generally, this is your own red buff side and the enemies blue buff side.

Why vertical jungling has become so prevalent

With the addition of scuttle crabs and the nerfs to jungle experience, as well as red buff being significantly stronger for early duels for scuttle crabs, the fastest route to level 3 has become Red-Krugs-Scuttle. The downside to this pathing is that it leaves an entire side of your jungle completely open to being invaded. However, a very common occurrence has become that both junglers go for this route and because you do the scuttle closest to your red this puts both junglers in much closer proximity to the enemy blue buff than their own.

The reason being that if the enemy is still on top side, and they know you’re on bot side, then it often becomes a guaranteed win for yourself if the enemy decides to take the long route all the way back to their own blue side camps. You then generally have had plenty of time to already steal away camp and you would still have your own blue side to clear, leaving you with a nice early advantage because you get a triple buff start. If they don’t come to their own blue side, you only lose the same camps on that side of the map as well, making it a neutral trade at worst.

When should you look to vertical jungle
Sometimes you may get forced into vertical jungling, if you see the enemy jungler go from their own red to your blue side early (You will see this through the pixel ward brush that you should have warded every game before lane phase starts) and you are unable to contest them. Other times you can force the enemy into vertical jungling if it favors your team. Vertical jungling will favor your team when you have strong lanes near the side you are stealing away from the enemy. This can be champions such as a Lucian-Braum lane on your team. Now this is because when you are playing on this side of the map, the enemy should, in theory, have to respect the fact that you are very close to your team, while their own jungler is on the complete opposite side of the map, and therefore has no available options to help them. However, the other side of this is that you are leaving the other side of the map, and your laner, completely vulnerable to getting ganked or dove so it is very important for you to communicate this to the lane. Tell him that he is vulnerable, so they are able to play accordingly. So the ideal situation for vertical jungling would be to have a mid laner that can push the other in early (in case the enemies try to contest), a side laner that is strong on the side you are stealing, and lastly the other side laner needs to be someone that is fairly safe from ganks early on and does not require an early lead to be effective. A great example of someone you could leave alone in the top lane would be a Sion because he is fairly safe in the early lane and scales very well. Someone you wouldn’t want to leave by themselves would be a Kayle because the enemy jungler is already likely looking to put her behind as much as possible already. If you do leave her by herself in a vertical jungling scenario, it can be very easy for the enemy jungler to capitalize on this and not allow Kayle a chance to scale up whatsoever.

Vertical jungling can be beneficial for you in a number of ways if you know how to use it. In the current meta where jungle XP is less than it used to be, getting a level lead in the early stages of the game can be crucial for a dominant mid game, eventually leading to a win.

And a win is always good :)
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