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Jul 21, 2015
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Date: Tuesday, 9/22/2015
Game/Activity: League Of Legends
# in Attendance: 7

Host: ThomMerlin

Members in Attendance, 200 coins each: Excalibur, Irish, jujaga, OmnipresentRage, ThomMerlin

Non-Members: badirelia, itoldyouso

Length: 2.5 hours

Measure of Success: Played 2 games 5v5 games

Description of how successful event was:

If applicable, prizes & winners: N/A

Additional 200 coins to the team that won the first 5v5: N/A

Most Clutch Fight Winner, 300 coins : Irish


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Aug 2, 2012
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Lt. General
Date & Time: wednesday, 2015 September 23
Game/Activity: hearthstone
Host: saud
# in Attendance: 6
Members in Attendance: Cybernetcrash, saud , Badger , Emmy , Multibeast , xRaijnx .
Length: 1.5 hours
Measure of Success: We played a small tournament and then we played a random Tavern Brawl Games , It was Great .


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Jun 24, 2012
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Date & Time: Wednesday, 9/23/15
Game/Activity: Hump Day HotS!
Host: Aervenor
# in Attendance: 8
Members in Attendance: Aervenor, Artam, Bouseherb, CanidSerpent, Chuke1692, Houyami, Munkyspanker, Troncmaster
Length: 2.25 hrs
Measure of Success: I was about to cancel it when one person joined in the first 15 minutes but then everyone showed up lol. It was a great time, playing in-houses (and 5v1 + bots vs [MENTION=54382]Artam[/MENTION] lol) and a quick match afterwards. People seemed to really enjoy it. :)


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Mar 5, 2015
Laurens, South Carolina
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Date & Time: 9/24/15
Game/Activity: Diablo 3
Host: Mossyoak
# in Attendance: 11
Members in Attendance: Resatimm, Slow, Strikerman, nyjoe, Ryuk, muskie, Aisper, Bratha, Badger, Aisper, jagoff,
Length: 4 hours
Measure of Success: Went fairly well. Had some great rift/grift parties going, everyone seemed to of had fun!


Date & Time: 27/09/2015
Game/Activity: Smite
Host: ChaosKnightI
# in Attendance: 5
Members in Attendance: JSTFY, Willie, Ghost, DrivenRage, EachAbyss, Zimme
Length: 2 hours
Measure of Success: Went pretty well. Played a few matches. Had fun. :)


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Apr 9, 2015
Your heart
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Date & Time: Saturday, 2015 October 17
Game/Activity: Dota 2
Host: Daddy
# in Attendance: 9
Members in Attendance: aciufu, Jezza907, BigPun, Gori, F1nesse, Lop, Rookie, Shanill.
Length: 2 hours
Measure of Success: We played lobbies and had a good time.


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Aug 21, 2015
Not in a Mental Hospital...but close
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Sergeant Major
Date and time: January 7th at 7 pm to 11:30 mst
Game played: Cards against Humanity
Host: Artam
number of people: 15-20
Badger keelzeboss Heyjen, digitalblade, Beastmaster, Want_some123, Sugerfree, Heybill, Sithis, Gaidkiller...and a few more people >.< Sorry first time hosting and next time will log them a lot better.
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Aug 4, 2015
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Date: day, 02/13/2016
Game/Activity: Dota 2
# in Attendance: 11
Members in Attendance: Agachee; AndiSimonetti; Atomic2326; bouseherb; digitalblade; Kimenu; Pekki; poetu666; Rookie; Shanill; Supguy123
Fever game night.jpg
Length: 40 minutes to hour
Measure of Success: description of how successful event was: Pretty successful, got 1 long game done before people had to start leaving.
if applicable, prizes & winners: N/A


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Apr 17, 2015
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Date: 2/18/2016
Game/Activity: Heros of the Storm
Host: Professor_Deep
# of Members: 15 Members
Members in Attendance: BenjieJay GreenDiablo salaamaw Hannahfaith professor_Deep Jordid Yoshistune Regall super_suko XSauCy jav cozster Nuzz Schmutz
Measure of Success: We play for 4 and half hours and did customs and QM very successful IMO
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Mar 14, 2015
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Of the Army
Date: Saturday, 2\27\2016

Game/Activity: Heroes of the storm Reverse pick/All Random

# in Attendance: 12

Members in Attendance: Sithis, Artam, Ravail, Cozster, Criminal, Erkdog, XSaucy, SalaamAW, Juugo, DePyro, Jamacianman, Gamicide, if I missed anyone else sorry!

Length: 2 and a half hours

Measure of Success: Very successful, great games!

description of how successful event was: had several games very successful, great time lots of laughter! and all around great people to play with!

if applicable, prizes & winners: Fever coins maybe? several members were asking about them :)!

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