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Jul 8, 2017
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Last week I was in an auto accident. I yielded for a pedestrian in the crosswalk while signalling for a right-hand turn. I was stopped waiting for the person who was on a bike but sort of rolling it, I was rear-ended at full speed and it did lots of damage to my vehicle, possibly totalled.

I sustained the following injuries:

- Bruised knee from hitting steering wheel
- Whiplash with ligament damage in my neck
- Sprained muscles in the lower back with a disc that is slightly misaligned.

My 6-year old was in the rear seat, strapped into a car seat. She seems fine so far.

My Chiropractor advised me it will be 2-3 months of treatment and I should get a lawyer.

I went through a similar thing in 1995 and had a bad experience with the whole process. The lawyer did not get medical bills deferred, many went to collection, and after 2 years I only got a small amount of money and my credit was ruined.

Today I am a good financial situation so that scenario would not likely happen but still, I am not sure I want all the headaches or am I opening myself up to problems if I go it alone?

The at fault insurance company has my car, still unknown on the repairs. They already tried to settle the day after.

I do not need the money, I just want my bills paid for the injuries and damage done.

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