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Jan 20, 2014
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I present you, a leek!

Faction Challenge: NG vs MO

Going to be interesting, Monsters v Nilgaard

Actually loooking at the community majority will probably go Nilgaard, sadly since I play monster alot this season, I am that kind of person that will go for whoever is winning cause I love free gold cards :p

though the CDPR twitch account mentioned in chat that there have been some major reworks to how the event works.

I'll be looking forward to this :)

Come on stalkers, we ride

Edit: It's live! Also another leak. If you're more Monster than Nilfgaard check this out!

According to a discussion on Polish forums and response of Alicja(CDPR employee) if you have equal amount of wins with both factions you will get the reward of the faction that wins.

Here is the post

Edit 2: "If the faction you supported wins the challenge, you will receive its avatar border and 100 Meteorite Powder. If your faction loses, but you contribute at least 30 wins to that faction throughout the challenge, you will receive the losing faction’s avatar border."

Looks like I'll side with Monsters anyway, I WANT THAT BORDER
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