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So, blizzard have announced that some new maps will be added to next seasons ladder map pool, and as well as the return of Frost LE to the ladder pool.

The maps being removed are; Sequencer, Blood Boil, Proxima Station and Defender's Landing.
The Maps staying are; Ascension to Aiur, Odyssey and Abyssal Reef.
Frost LE being an older map that's returning
The 3 new maps being added are as follows:

Acolyte LE:


Interloper LE:


Mech Depot:


and for those that aren't familiar with Frost LE:


My thoughts; The new maps to me are looking pretty good. I like Acolyte the most of the new ones; Inbase natural, Easy 3rd, seemingly easy 4th. Looks like it'd be a good map for long macro games, even better than Proxima in that regard.
I'm also pretty happy to see Sequencer, Blood Boil and Defender's Landing leave the map pool after their single season.

Also for those that like team games; you're getting some new maps too!

2 new maps a piece for 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. I wouldn't include those maps in this post; but you can find them on the post here; If you want to take a look at those new maps.

And of course for those that like to play in the FSL every month; the new map pool will be used in the FSL starting in August!


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Apr 21, 2017
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These maps, looks much better than this season maps. I also like Frost LE, oftenly used as Starleague map.
I hope, and can't wait that we'll play these maps with clan members at gamenight, in peepmode.

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