Keep Hatin' Part II (1 Viewer)


Mar 2, 2015
[INTRO; spoken - RealZae]
I'm like a better Reckful
I show better, my crew better
Fast or slow, however you play let's go
You already know I gank hard
I am the rank 1 Rogue God
Flow like a mistweaver, stun like a Warr
A Feral don't stun as hard as Z
You won't live long after you're stunned by me
No sub to view though, you can get that for free, Rogue god
Get in the arena, ding, ding
I'm ready to go, eight matches, nine matches
Matter of fact, we gon' gank them first match

[Verse - 1]
Never heard another rogue bragging this much
That's because I get it hater, shut the F up
No one on Horde got a swagger this tough
I'm the only one around getting money like Soda
Grabbing my buffs while they turn my damage up
Scrubbies on the forums tryna tell me I suck
Couldn't name a Rogue that I couldn't light up
And I realized I had another title up
All epic'd up just like my gear
Maybe I should gank a mother-F to get press
Maybe I should tell the whole Horde I go harder
Then all other gladiators and I am the best
Yes, I am Stealthiest, I am freshest
Got to come down, got to come down
And when it comes to spitting the fast or slow bursting time
I'm Akro, and Pika, and Woundman combined
Faction I rule, ain't getting at you
Because me verse you isn't really a duel
I pity the fool that try killin my crew
Tell security to move and just give me my tool
I'm after your heala like Jack the Ripper
I'm slicin at her blood in my pool
She thinking is you really what she should do
And now she leavin' your group, and she telling me cool
Got all the titles, I ball my titles
And throw them down the toilet like toilet paper
Ain't my birthday but they knowing I'm caked up
Forget a super heala homie ya'll can take her
I'm queued in the game, you know I'm insane
With no curse words, like the old daytime sitcoms the same
I'm better than Pika, yep better than Woundman
Matter of fact I'm the old school Mute of Roguin'
You ain't important, I'm the man
Do it all again homie, that's the plan
And if it don't work then I'ma get it demand
I got the damage in my pocket to say that I can
Rogue god of the Rank 1 Arena art
Benchwarmers better play they class's part
You a scrublord, get outplayed hard
Gank against me, that's a mistake boy
Demon Hunters still don't got the memo
Got the drop to top them when I step to my tempo
I be by myself cause these Horde all Guano
And I don't mess with ya'll, yep I still roll solo
If you disrespect me then I'm not respect you
If you don't respect me then I'm gankin, yes you
I treat you like your exiled, your corpse defiled
The Rogue god so I'm yelling bless you
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