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Oct 18, 2014
Texas, Corsicana
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Lance Corporal
Hello, I am back from the dead and I dont really know what to expect but I do want to start something here. And what I want to start is a team.
All I want to do is play CSGO. And grind. And even though I may be trash, its all about having fun. I have been making videos and cant really say I was any good at it then. But looking throught them made me miss the game. SO to add more content to this "SubForum" ill show my skills off in neither. Video editing or Rekting Nerdz,

Without further a do. Heres my clips and montages hope yall like.
CS:GO Nasty Nope Scope
Montages I have Currently out of all those Best Edited If you want more videos Just check out the youtube channel in the links i provided plan on doing some more videos in the future!

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