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The usage and guide to Addons for ESO.

Addons, what are they?

Addons for The Elder Scrolls Online are a way to change the UI, manage guilds and mail, make crafting easier and much, much more. Almost everyone on the PC community of ESO uses Addons. This guide will give you suggestions and even more on what to use and what might fit you.

1. Addon Management.

First off, you might ask how to addons. Well, there are many ways. Two of the most are by manual install (not recommended if you are just starting out or are not proficient in installing UI and libraries to a game) the second is by using a Mod/Addon Manager.

The recommended way is by using Minion Mod Manager. Minion - Premier AddOn Management This manager makes it very easy to find, install, update and manage your addons. This is what I use for my addons and prefer. Simple one click install of addons and even a search function with categories to find what you need and suits you.

Second way is Manual. You can go to AddOns & Mods - MMOUI or Elder Scrolls Online AddOns to find how to manual install or look for addons. They also have help in case errors occur. Another place to ask about Addons is Add-Ons & UI Mods the community is very helpful with these things and is a good place to get knowledge and support.

Recommended Addons for advanced and beginners.

I have a list of addons and many others like to use. This will be a list of them. Just search the names on Minion of the sites provided above.

  1. Bandits User Interface: A UI addon that does so much. Adds a mini-map, combat notifications, shows other teams health and main resource (if they use it too) and even gives a healer the pop up of the group or tank needing resource restore.
  2. Combat Metrics. This addons is a log and toggle screen to check group DPS, healing and more. Please DO NOT use it to be a jerk towards you group, It is frowned upon and we won’t tolerate it.
  3. Daily Alchemy and Provision: A simple two addons to automatically complete provision and alchemy writs easier to finish.
  4. Destinations, Skyshards, Harvest Map and Map Pins. These will it much easier to traverse and find areas, materials, Skyshards and more on the map. Even has a nice map pin toggle feature to turn off unwanted pins. Requires LibMapPins
  5. Group Loot Notifier: Works in conjunction with Bandit User Interface. Lets you see group loot and such. Mainly I use it to see if a guild mate gets something everyone needs and does not see it themselves. It helps. Trust me…
  6. Dolgubons Lazy Writ Crafter. This addon is a life saver. Does what Daily Alchemy and Daily Provisioning does but with all other crafting. Requires LibLazyCrafting Library.
  7. SuperStar and SuperStar Dragon Bones Update. Right now, it does not work with Necromancer sadly. BUT this is a build tracker and can log your builds. Easy to use but please do not use if you have a Necromancer main or plan on making one. It will bug out some features of the game.
  8. Writ Worth. Does what other addons do for writs but only with Master Writs. Later game crafting stuff.
  9. Itemization Browser. Useful for locating the areas and finding sets with bonuses for you builds and such. Really, really recommend this one. Requires LibSets.
  10. Finally we have Lib Libraries. These are required for some addons to function. LibPrice, LibSets, LibAddonMenu, LibLazyCrafting, LibMapPins.

Thank you for checking out this guide and intro to Addons in ESO. If you have any questions please contact MerlinsBrother or to put in your suggestions with credit given if I am not around to edit the post, contact Phoenix_Ace.

Have a great time in Tamriel with Fever Clan!

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