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Your Intel Infernal LAN Fall 2012 Best in Show W-I-N-N-E-R, courtesy of yours truly ;)

Intel Q9550
Gigabyte UD3 P45
8GB PC8800 DDR2
2x HIS Radeon 4890
Thermaltake 750wt PSU
Seagate 500GB SATA
OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD
Intel 64GB SSD
Mountain Mods Twice 7 case

EK full covers for the GPU (thanks to Aug)
240 Swiftech radiator
EK DDC pump/res combo
Cooler Master Gemini II (CPU cooler)

Paint by Emily Cray

This was my entry in the CPU Magazine case modding contest this weekend at Infernal LAN in Dupont, WA. Took first place, won a nice Intel Z77 mobo + a cool little trophy. Was interviewed by reps from Gigabyte, NCIX (video interview), as well as the onsite folks from Intel. The rep from Gigabyte wants me to contact her for potential sponsorship for my "next project" (i.e. they give me parts to build with, and I display their stuff at future events) -- so very cool.

As a few of you know (and those scratching your heads at the old hardware) the guts of this machine belonged to my brother, who passed away in 2010. His quality old school components now have a final resting place, as this is the last build this case will ever see. I had to crack the password on his HD, so I could create an account on it, and install a few games for this weekend. His original HD is left intact, as everything I did was on the SSDs. It was a little weird logging into the machine, and seeing his login next to mine, but it was also very cool, and definitely gave me an awesome lasting memory. And surprisingly enough, the older hardware was up to task for BO2, BF3, and BL2. Next stop is me having Dunway take some nice pictures of the build, and then submitting them for CPU Magazine's Mad Reader Mod of the month contest. That one pays $1500 + you get the cover of the magazine (and a little interview inside).

It's been my plan for the past year to do something like this with my brother's hardware -- and it feels great to have finally made it happen. Was a great weekend of gaming and fun. If you've never been to a big sponsored LAN before -- I highly recommend it. Great times :)



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Jan 19, 2012
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Oh wow, dude! That is so awesome! Congrats on taking 1st place! What a neat deal!


Thanks guys, was very cool.
Oh, Man! That is awesome! I'm glad that your bro's comp can go out with a trophy! I can't wait to se your sponsored build at PDX, that is gonna be sick!

I also see you made yourself the stand for this lan. Very nice.


Our friend Mark made them -- they were great. We went ahead and painted them black, and there did exactly what we needed them to do. I'll be bringing it to PDXLAN for sure.


For those that want to laugh at some bad auto-focus action... My box is at the end of the video. The company is NCIX, a Canadian based PC parts company. Despite the obligatory BS comments made by everybody on the video, the cameraman and the interviewer were both really nice folks doing the best that they could.



Great news!!! I received a sweet email today!!!

No problem, thanks for turning these around so quickly.

Also, congratulations! We’ve chosen your case as the overall winner of the LANFest 2012 mod contests, and the Mad Reader Mod for the February 2013 issue!

I have attached a few items that we’ll need from you in order to fill out and send back. The W9 instructions and EFT Vendor form are so that we can pay you the $1,500 prize money, and the questionnaire is so that I can put together the text of the article. A quick note about the prize payment process: This can take several weeks, as prize money goes out as part of Sandhills Publishing’s regular accounts payable process. So, the sooner we get your info back the sooner we can get you set up in our system and get payment under way.

Also, our lead designer is asking whether you can provide a little higher-resolution versions of the two pics I’ve attached? We’d like to use one of those for the cover. And, while we’re on the subject, if you could shoot several more shots at higher res, one or two from every angle, and a couple more interior shots, I’d appreciate it. Our design team loves to have lots of options to work with.

Does all of that sound OK? Let me know if you have any questions, and congrats again!


PS: One other question: What are all those oblong and oval-shaped items on the floor on the inside of the case? If you’re going to cover that in the questionnaire, you don’t have to answer separately, but I’m curious :)
CPU Magazine notified me today that I'm their overall 2012 LanFest Case Modding Winner. They took all of the winners from all of the events around the country -- and the tribute build for my brother came out on top. That means I get $1500, an extension to my subscription (nice little bonus) -- and the cover of their February edition, complete with an article + pictures. I saw some of the machines that I beat out (from previous Lan event coverage in their magazine) -- and I figured I didn't have a chance. They had been asking me for more pictures over the past couple of days, but I figured it was because what I sent them wasn't fit to print for the loser's bracket -- lol

Little did I know... I've never really won anything before, so this is really cool for me, and an even better memory for my family, in regard to the passing of my younger brother :)
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