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I wanted to prepare a simple guide to improving as a PvE DPS player. This isn't a guide of how to improve your DPS, it is more of how to improve as a player. While having top DPS is nice, there are other things that are important as a DPS player that should be mastered.

1 - Research
The most important thing is to know your class. How do you expect to DPS well if you don't know the ins and outs of your class? This could be looking up talents, setting up your toolbar, and knowing the rotation. I'm going to emphasis knowing your rotation. Knowing which button to press and when will help you out in increasing your DPS. There are a lot of resources for rotations. Streamers, Discord servers, spreadsheets, Raidbots, Wowhead, and MaxDPS add-ons can all help with getting the rotation locked. Do this rotation against dummies while watching your DPS in Details!/Recount or WeakAuras. Once you have your rotation, go out and practice it. Go into an LFR or normal raid and practice this rotation. This will help if your rotation is interrupted by a boss mechanic.

2 - Interface
This is fairly personal. With that being said, there are a lot of different UI types and finding one that you like will help in using it. I personally use ElvUI with DBM, Details!, and WeakAuras. A new UI will allow a higher range of customization than the stock Blizzard UI. Think of it as having a custom tailored suit vs an off-the-rack suit. One fits you, while the other fits most. A UI puts useful information right next to your character so you can focus on mechanics rather than having to move your eyes across the screen to find relevant information. They show you CD, resource, procs, etc. Having these nearby allows you to focus on your character while having useful information nearby. A good place to start is to find a streamer or go to Wago.io and find a UI. Copy the code to install it into your UI of choice (ElvUI, TukUI, etc.). From there, make some tweaks so it suits your needs. Remember, you install a UI to help you as a player. Don't let it drag you down. If there is something you don't like, change it.

3 - Accepting Mistakes
Why did you just die to that boss? Obviously, it was the healer or tank. It is never your fault. We all know this isn't the case. If you were a better player, you wouldn't have died. Mentality can really help. When I first started playing StarCraft, everyone was cheating. I didn't lose to anyone who was playing legit. They had to know my every move. Then, I found out that this wasn't the case and that I was just terrible. It took me about 200 games for me to get the right mentality to improve. A year later, I was a professional player. While the goal of this isn't to make you a professional DPS player, you can improve if you have their mentality. If someone runs into you with a mechanic, you should have moved. If the healer didn't heal you, you should have used a personal. When you die, ask the following questions. -Did I die to a mechanic? -Could I have used a healthstone? -Could I have used a personal? -Could I have asked for an external? Let's say you look back, and the death wasn't your fault. The healer may have been busy helping someone out who missed a mechanic or something similar. You could have helped them with a CD or let them know you were low on health. Maybe the druid could have sat at 20% health for a second while you were healed to 20%. There is usually something you can do to improve as a player. I want everyone to write this down. Get you pen and paper. This is important, not just for WoW, but for any game. *Being a good team player is more important than personal performance.* Write that down. If you are top DPS but die at 40% boss health, you are now useless to the rest of the raid. Do you know who is useful? The guy who is 3rd DPS that nails the mechanics, communicates, and isn't dead.

4 - Movement
Imagine this, you are a shadow priest. You are fighting (Boss). You start casing but realize you are standing in the wrong spot. You move to a better position, but this interrupts your cast. You get to the spot and start your rotation again. Nice, you are good to go now but you went 3 seconds without and DPS because of poor movement and positioning. What if you moved while using an instacast? What if you move-cast-move-cast-move-rotation? You might lose a little DPS, but you always trying something. Move during the GCD. This will help with movement. I main a DH, which is all about movement. I can use Blade Dance to move and DPS. I can use my dash to damage and move. At range, I can use Throw Glaive. There is always something to do when moving. Afflication locks can apply dots, move, then apply dots again. A better lock may have cast Shadow Bolt, then moved, then dots, with little DPS loss. This takes practice and goes along with doing research. Think ahead of what comes next in the fight and how can you plan around that.

5 - Practice
The only way to improve at something is repeat the process. You can watch videos and streamers, read guides, look at spreadsheets, think about it in your sleep, etc., but nothing beats actually getting into the game and playing, even if it just dummies. When I first started with DH, I would miss my rotation. If you talent demonic, you can get in 2 Blade Dances before it expires. I was only getting in 1 because I was running low on resource. With practice, I can get in 2 and still have time for an additional skill before I leave meta. This came with a lot of practice. I would just spam dungeons. If I had cleared that dungeon already on a +11, I would do it again with a +6 just to get in more practice and learn the mechanics. Each dungeon has it's own mechanics. Nothing helps better than having to actually do the mechanics. This takes time. Don't try to rush it. Pick a couple of classes/specs and just learn that. I only know how to play shadow spec for priest. No clue how to do any other spec. This is okay. Don't try to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. This will go a long way.

I hope this guide helps with DPS. Even though these are focused on higher end gameplay, it should help in improving your time in PvE. The goal is to always try to improve. There is nothing wrong with causal play, but don't think that because you pay $15, you are allowed into a +15 or a heroic raid. If you want to play higher content, you need to work to be a better player that can handle that higher content. If you avoid a mechanic, you may allow your healer to perform a mechanic that could make the difference in the raid. If you have a little extra DPS during movement, you may burn down a boss a little faster and complete the M+ dungeon on time to get the key upgrade.

If this guide was helpful, let me know. I plan on making a guide for Demon Hunters. Also, check Discord since we are doing dungeons and raids for gear. Stay beautiful, Fever family.

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