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Aug 4, 2015
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Hey guys!!

It's been a long couple of months for me since I had to go VO and I got to go spend some time with my father but I came back a couple days ago and I finally got settled back in. Since I am now going to be active again for the next 10 or so days i'd like to get back into the habit of starting gamenights and tournaments (if [MENTION=66414]Makk[/MENTION] permitting of course since it is technically his job). I would like to start gamenights up every Saturday again like it was and I will try to nag Makk enough to start tournaments up again since I need to get back into the act of actually being good at Dota again after the past couple of months. If you have any questions for me or about the gamenights I can gladly answer them or you can go talk to Makk since he should know by the time I start responding to all of you XD. Just don't bug him too much if he doesn't know since I am still trying to get back into the routine of actually HAVING to do stuff again.

I look forward to talking to all of you again and I hope to try and get our community active in TS again!

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