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Jun 25, 2012
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Dig anywhere you want, just watch out for the sweat socks, old pizza, ero manga and shounen anime laying around on the floor. Desu.
Well my biggest advice [MENTION=403]SandiZ[/MENTION] is to tell us what kind genres do you like. Action? Romance? Perverse? Dark? Mystery? Harem?
[MENTION=4373]ZBarZ[/MENTION] [MENTION=418]Hedd[/MENTION] [MENTION=292]Rage487[/MENTION] let's help him out

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Jul 21, 2011
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I can link my list of animes so you can go through and look at the ones I've rated highly, but that's a very long list unless you narrow it down to a few genres or something. :p

Link - Rage487's Anime List - Anime-Planet

Basically, if you want to generalize it to the EXTREME, they would be japanese cartoons. The vast majority of which I enjoy more than anything that plays on television in America. You can also read the manga, which is more like comic books, but I prefer anime to manga.


Jan 9, 2013
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[MENTION=403]SandiZ[/MENTION] welcome to the living hell.
Once the anime got you there is no turning back xD

No, but anime is pretty good. You can show emotions far better then with real person movies.
There are lots of animes where you really get sucked into the world and feel what the main char feels #try_to_not_cry_after #clanad_afterstory

The one I'm watching now would be the "To Aru Majustu No ..." series.
Starting with the Index ones where it's more based around magic and church wars. (but all happening in a science city)
Then you ca watch Railgun. Which is the same city just from another perspective. (more esper fights and such)
but the style of the anime and the feels and pretty amazing, one of the best I've seen so far.


Jun 28, 2013
Not looking for anything :p Just never been into anime/manga and came to see what I was missing out on
You're missing out on all the spectacles that is called anime! As said on the posts above me. Just ask those people for things you would like to consider watching. Or you can even ask me for some anime recommendations.

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