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May 21, 2016
This is how I play and build him if you dont like it, alter it but at lvl 21 im doing 600pts of dmg a hit and i'm really difficult to kill.

LVL 1: Victuals, Vitcuals allows you to heal your self by killing minions, enemies, the more meat you gain the more it heals you, it allows you to stay in the game longer.

LVL 4: I go with Flail axe, i do it for the range so i can pretty much clear a minion wave mid game which is great after you've died so you can get more meat, it also allows you to slow someone who you've been itching to kill.

LVL 7: Abattoir, It increases you meat stacks from 20 to 35, and now instead of losing all you meat upon death you only lose half, this help you more in later game.

LVL 10: Personally i go with Lamb to the Slaughter, it allows me to secure a person and potentially get the kill, i can now focus a hammer, LiLi, Malf, someone who been a pain the entirety of the game.

LVL 13: Crave Flesh, Just cause it allows me to either get away, or get closer to my target when they start to run.

LVL 16: Blood Frenzy: You now attack faster 1% per stack of meat so you can potentially attack 35% faster.

LVL 20: Nexus Blades, this will slow your enemies movement by 20%, and increase your dmg by 20% at lvl 20 your hitting for 580's to 590's.

Thats the build for how i play him i usually play him aggressively but not too aggressive

Begining of the game: i like to bully my lane, so the other player cant soak, as effective so we get lvl's quicker than them, I also like to build my stacks as fast as possible.

Mid Game: Once i get my ult, I begin to hunt, I help other lanes, and gank to secure more meat and more lvls.

End Game: I play aggressive, i'm looking for anything I can hit so gain health back, i'm hitting like a freight train faster than usual, and i'm destroying forts, relatively quickly.

Let me know what you think, if you like it cool, use it, alter it, make it better. And kill all whom stand before you.


May 13, 2016
I've seen too many Butchers run head first into their doom. If you follow darklink0312's strategy above you can charge head first into the demise of your enemies! This build is fantastic for learning how to play Butcher and once you've figured him out you can start fiddling with how you build and play him.


Jul 12, 2015
I have yet to see a good butcher... All the ones I see are RLY dumb and charge in to their own grave. I also think Butcher REALLY need a specific comp to support him well... othersiwe, HE is the one that'S gonna get slaughtered


May 22, 2016
If I play Butcher , I'll do that build ! Thanks !


May 21, 2016
Lately I've noticed a lot of butcher players just seem to charge in and get them selves killed, as long as you play smart and get as close as you can as fast as possible, and make it so they cant get away you'll get the kill almost every time without losing you own. Good Luck, Have fun, And Kill all.


Jun 10, 2016
Exactly how I like to build him, depending on their comp I guess but yeah. Many Butcher players use the charge to initiate and that is a mistake. Always use it later in a fight.

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