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Aug 5, 2016
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Lt. General
We of the Hots section want to always ensure activity . Not for making a quota, or for number sake. The purpose being we want a strong community so that no gamer will be in Que alone. Or those who ranked might have a partner. Even with the few of us in the staff,i always hope to encourage to be added to any newcomer. Welcoming any thread or voice who wants to say "hey guys im here".

Which is why the few of us take jobs to offer our time to anyone or give reasons to bond together as a community. Now none of this is required or force upon anyone. Just being active in the game and playing is already a great help .Plus ive met friends through it as well. Yet for those who either offer the time or want to do more ,we are always welcoming.

Now a word from the one whom is running hots.

"Hey HOTS community, Baum here. I am looking for a few people who want to help run the section and help bring this awesome game to the rest of Fever and grow it as a section."

Here are some open. From Enlisted to Officer.

Assistant Company Commander (2LT+) - Hands on position, planning, recruiting, and overall helping the CC run and grow the section.

Company Administrator (2LT) - Keep the forums updated and take care of forum-based recruiting (thread bumping etc.)

Game Night Host (any rank) Host game nights at a regular time on a consistent basis. Can be any time you are available regularly.

Recruiter (any rank) - Help our clan grow by recruiting new people, several different methods from forum based to in-game.

Enlisted staff will also gain the title Game Rap, which will designate you a contact person for other members for HOTS related info.

If you are interested in helping HOTS, reply here, send me a PM, or send me a DM on Discord and we will get you set up.

Thanks for supporting HOTS!

For more info or desire to join contact [MENTION=37458]Baum[/MENTION]
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Mar 18, 2016
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Gunnery Sergeant
Watching to see if there is anything I can do

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