Here Be Dragons To Push Creative Development With $10 Million Funding (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
In the VR industry’s youth, there’s a race to relevance being undertaken by software developers, hardware engineers, and many more. Here Be Dragons is one such undertaking, a production studio that is carving out a space as an immersive mainstay. The company now finds itself in a good position to ramp up their efforts, as it has been announced that they’ve completed a round of funding for $10 million.
Reported by Techcrunch, this funding round was led by Discovery Communications and the money is earmarked for specific divisions focused on creative development. Discovery executive Rebecca Howard will also be joining Here Be Dragons’ board of directors as well.
Here Be Dragons specializes in immersive, narrative-driven content. For example, it has given viewers insight into the life of Rangers as they fight against poaching in Garamba National Park. The studio has even fostered some relationships with third-parties for their licensed content, like their mixed reality experience for FX’s comic-book-based television series Legion.
It’s becoming safer to say that virtual and augmented reality are no passing fancies. $10 million is no small sum of money to invest and there have certainly been larger investments since the VR industry’s inception. Those formerly involved with the traditional gaming industry have found new life in VR as well. It will be interesting to see what new experiences and partnerships come of this latest move.


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