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Oct 1, 2016
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Hey there!

Just wanted wanted to give you an update on some upcoming plans for Hearthstone at Fever Clan.


Ok, ok, easy buddy.


Ragnaros, the Cleaning Lord is planning to do some housekeeping in preparation for the upcoming expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne. This will mostly involve reorganising the Hearthstone forums as well as going through the in-game name list to ensure that all the members listed are active.

In regards to the in-game name list, in the next few days, you should receive a private message in the forums, checking in on you to see that you're both an active member and that you still are interested in Hearthstone.

The in-game name list will be used for notification of future updates, such as upcoming events or competitions. We would also like to make sure that if you have a sizable collection on more than one server, that you're added to the appropriate regions so that other members can add you to their friends list on that server and that we have a better idea of the members available for future events.

Events & Tournaments

Speaking of events, there are plans to bring back tournaments for Fever members after the release of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. The nature and frequency of these tournaments will depend a lot your feedback and participation.

While initially, tournaments will mainly be held on the US server, given enough interest and participation, I'd like to see tournaments based on the EU server as well as perhaps having different tournament leagues based on skill level or tournament performance e.g. open and casual leagues. There may also be tournaments held with special rules to keep things interesting and give people with smaller collections a fair chance.

If there's enough interest, we could also look at holding weekly Hearthstone gatherings on Discord to challenge each other in that week's Tavern Brawl, help complete daily quests and generally hang out and have fun.


For fun stuff like tournaments to occur on a regular basis, we need more members to join our ranks. While there will be a formal recruitment drive organised sometime in the future, in the meantime, if you know anyone that's interesting in playing Hearthstone, please feel free to encourage them to join us here on Fever and add their name to the in-game name list. You also get bonus Fever coins and faster rank ups the more members you encourage to sign up.

If you'd like to contribute to the Hearthstone content on the forums, please feel free to do so. There can never be enough wacky deck theorycrafting, awesome replays, fun videos or lol-worthy screencaps. Better yet, sign up as a Hearthstone Content Creator and get rewarded for doing so!

I'm excited for what's to come and would really appreciate some help to make this a fun and active Hearthstone scene at Fever.

As always, please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions below.
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Sep 3, 2015
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Sounds good! I am looking forward to meeting new people and practicing against them!
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