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Oct 23, 2017
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Fever guild for Classic WoW is a part of larger Fever Clan gaming community. Our goal for Classic WoW is to clear all raiding content without it turning into a 2nd job. We are not competing for server first. While raiding is our focus we are not forgetting PvP. We like our PvP as complimentary to raiding and fun instead of teeth grinding activity where everyone is angry at each other while PvPing. Our core group of players consists of old Vanilla WoW Naxxramas raiders. Some of us cleared it all, few of us have few (1-2) we did not kill.

Our mission statement: Clear all raiding content before next raid gets released

Our code of conduct

Raid Information

Raiding days and hours:

  • Tuesday 6 PM to 10 PM PST
  • Thursday 6 PM to 10 PM PST
  • Sunday 2 PM to 5 PM PST: Optional community GDKP raid
  • NOTE: we can end raid early if we run out of content
Loot system:
  • We are using a List System, we came up back in vanilla WoW, which while not being perfect, addresses the common pitfalls of DKP and Loot Council.
  • The main points with the above List system is that you cannot really hoard points, no disenchanted loot unless it is upgrade to nobody, new people joining guild are not going to be hopelessly behind on priority and no favoritism.
  • Only exception to list is legendary items like Thunderfury, which will go to one of the main tanks. Decision on those will ultimately be officer decision, but we will take feedback from guild members
  • Loot distribution with List System during a raid is very fast

Recruiting and what are we looking for:
  • Mature player (16+, we prefer 18+)
  • We are using discord, so you are expected to be able to hear and use mic
  • We do not require you to have extensive experience or logs to join us as trial. We prefer to see you play, so no need to prepare raiding CV to join.
  • If there are any issues with your play level, we expect you to take constructive feedback and we can offer some training if needed.
  • We are still looking for all classes due to 40-man raid size. As per previous experience, to support 40 man raid you need 50-60 raiders total to allow absences
  • We are looking for 80% attendance
  • We will give you some time to level up and gear before raiding, we are planning on starting raiding as full guild raid, one month after Classic WoW release. Until then those of us who are ahead of others can do community raids until we are ready to do it as guild.
How does joining work?:
  1. Read the Code of Conduct
  2. Have a quick talk with Guild officer
  3. You will start as trial (note since game comes out on launch day, we are all effectively trials at start)
  4. Trial time is variable but usually lasts 2-3 weeks. We want to see you play with us giving you opportunity get to know us and us to know you. Note that leveling time counts as we have plenty of opportunities to group with you during it.
  5. If trial is passed, we will do a quick 5 minute talk and get you to join our parent gaming community and get access to additional stuff like weekly newsletter, social activities etc. You will also gain separate rank on our parent Fever clan gaming community.
  6. You will become one of the 3 in-game ranks
    1. Raider
    2. PvP
    3. Social/Casual

Officer Contact Details:
  • Ghist [Bnet: Ghist#1730, Discord: Ghist#0327, Reddit: u/GhistOne]
  • Medic739 [Bnet: Medic739#1949, Discord: Medic739#490]
  • You can also apply on our Fever Clan website directly via our parent gaming community
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Oct 23, 2017
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The above post is a draft for recruiting post I will be putting up on upcoming weekend. Further edits will happen before Sunday this week to add information and refine the post.


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Jan 15, 2016
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I want to raid, but I can't do those times. What do I do?
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