News: GWENT Midwinter update overview and open PTR Available now! (1 Viewer)


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Jan 20, 2014
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GWENT is going to have the biggest update yet and alot of new cards, 100+! Also UI changes and alot of old card changed/buffed/nerfed.


You can check all the updates (UI, cards, mechanics) on the PTR wich is available for everyone!

Here's how to get into the PTR:

GWENT’s PTR is only available on PC in English. To enter the test realm, you have to be logged in via GOG Galaxy client. Click “MORE” (next to the PLAY button) and choose “Settings”. Switch the Beta Channels to “on” and then choose “PTR channel”. You can start playing right after the new build is downloaded.

Have fun!

oh and btw save some money. Look's like Shupe gonna get us a nice holiday deal soon

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