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Should people be allowed to have guns?

  • Yes, everyone should be able to have guns.

    Votes: 46 43.0%
  • Yes, but there should be stricter gun laws

    Votes: 42 39.3%
  • No, guns are too dangerous

    Votes: 18 16.8%
  • Unsure

    Votes: 1 0.9%

  • Total voters


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May 22, 2017
Canada's Capital
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I am a Canadian, born and raised, and I am on the fence with regards to changing our laws in Canada. My tune has somewhat changed with all of the absolutely terrible things that have been happening throughout the world over the last 20+/- years. I feel all citizens should be able to defend themselves; however it should be more difficult for a person to get a hold of a carry permit.


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Feb 3, 2016
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All power could be placed in the ruler if the ruler was benevolent. The ruler is not benevolent.

The 2nd amendment was created such that individuals could be protected from tyranny; moreso that of oppressive government than lawlessness. Right to Bear Arms is an expression of Right of Revolution which is of part and parcel of the foundations of the USA.

Furthermore you should keep in mind that the 2nd amendment guaranteed the right to possess the most technologically advanced weaponry of the time period and there was no prohibition of citizens or militias to possess cannons, for that matter. Assault weapons bans and the fact that I can't own a Surface-to-Air Missile battery are, frankly, erosion of the 2nd amendment, as it was. Should I own a SAM battery? It sounds ridiculous, even to me. But the fact remains that the purpose of the 2nd amendment is not to protect you from petty criminals. The 2nd amendment as it exists today, however, is not well equipped to do much more than protect you from petty criminals.

Considering the state of affairs out there the concept of revolution skipping the democratic process is looking far less absurd by the day. However I don't know how on earth a band of revolutionaries would compete with militarized law enforcement agencies without limits to their code of escalation.
See Ruby Ridge. See No-Knock Warrants. If a cop tells you to get on the ground you're going to comply, one way or the other, or die.

To a very limited extent law enforcement cannot be blamed for what they have become. Regions of abject poverty have grown and the cost of policing those areas is both large in scope and severe on what it makes the enforcer. To that end; things are tense out there; and as it has been mentioned that police protect society, & not the individual - the translation is that in all likelihood if you find yourself in a position to be the victim of violence the only person who is going to protect you - is you. For that reason alone - it's a reasonable idea to own a gun.

"No one should own a gun." A kind and sensitive sentiment. I think everyone should have a basic standard of living and be more or less OK but unfortunately well wishes are insufficient in creating utopia.
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Jan 23, 2018
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I had an experience where I went to Chicago and attempted to buy a guy...needless to say I said screw it. I had to jump through so many hoops that it wasn't worth it money wise. .
Holy Crap new to this thread but you tried to buy a GUY? I mean your like 150 years late on that one. J/K

Guns are away of life here in America its a gun culture and it is proven that even under some of the most severe legislation and restriction you still will have a criminal element that will have them.

Plus there is so many out there currently that are privately owned that any attempt in seizure of those firearms would lead to even more violence.

You may not like and you have every right to not own one but to remove the freedom of owning a firearm is just a slippery slope.

Whats next free speech (oh yeah they already restricting that) wait there is Religion (oops never mind that is going away too) oh how about the right to peacefully assemble (Well that goes hand in hand with free speech. If they dont like what you are saying you cant come together and say it.)
You just want to threw another right away and before you know it you will be living North American version of North Korean.

The fact that we have such a armed populace makes us one of the most defended countries in the world against external invasion.

Also it gives us a small measure of power that we have as a final check and balance against a government. That we all know does not have the best reputation for respecting our rights.


Jan 27, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Chicago is has one of the strictest laws about gun control and guess what? Its on top of the list for crimes committed by guns.... Obviously the gun control in US does not work and I am not positive if it ever will. However, I fully support that people should be able to protect their selves. I personally have 2 handguns and 2 rifles (you don`t want to come in at my home uninvited ;)


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Feb 14, 2018
Unidos Estados
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you know what happens to a defenseless civilians? Criminals start robbing without any sort of fear that a dude may put a ,45 in their cranium. And how that got that gun if guns are illegal? Black market. Guns are shipped in from the other side of the world untraceable so criminals can go door to door robbing every single person. Criminals DONT follow laws.
This is why "most" guns are legal for the average civilian. it's for leveling out the playing field for the defender and the attacker.

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