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Oct 28, 2014
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Hello feverians

This guide is show you how we use portable the teamviewer and what we giving to the other for connect at us.
Lets start

1. We go at the link teamviewer follow below the picture

2. We run the teamviewer when download is complete

3. We press run

4. and at this image if we want to install it we will choose at the first three checkbox the first one called "Install" if we want it for a portable use a fast job or something like that at the first three checkbox the last one called "Only execution". At the second checkbox we choose the middle one called "Only Personal Use" for both uses this like the picture below (they are in greek's)

5. This is the last stage congratulation if you are here now if we want to give our id and password to someone too connect to us we giving the "Your ID" 9 digit's and our "Password" 4 digit's.
But if we want to connect to the other computer we must ask him for those details first and after we put the "ID" at the right label called "Partner ID" and after we press connect one window they will ask you for the password put the 4 digit's there and you are inside the computer

Tips: say him to not use the mouse because you can't move the mouse when he moving it.

P.S sorry my OS has greek language pack

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