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Feb 11, 2017
London, England
Hi everyone!

I'm new on Fever, and fairly new to SC2, so I thought I'd say hi to everyone firstly! :D

I wanted to make this thread, in case people were following the GSL happening in korea,
and wanted to share their views, opinions and/or predictions!

As of me posting this, Groups A and B, have already taken place.

Group A:
TY (T)
Stats (P)
aLive (T)
ByuL (Z)

Group B:
InNovation (T)
SOo (Z)
Classic (P)
Dark (Z)

Group C and D are yet to take place:

Group C
Leenock (Z)
Ryung (T)
Trap (P)
herO (P)

Group D
sOs (P)
Maru (T)
KeeN (T)
Bunny (T)

Please post your thoughts and opinions below :D

(Note to moderators: Not sure if there already is a similar thread, if so please lock/delete this one :) )


Feb 11, 2017
London, England
To start things off, for me Group A's results were not too surprising. TY being a tactical genius, and Stats being one of the best protoss players in the world right now, I didn't think aLive and ByuL could have done much in all honesty. aLive seemed jaded throughout the tournament since Ro32, which is a shame since he is one of my favourite players. I think perhaps the crowd was getting to him at times. As for ByuL, I still think he is developing into an absolute monster, but still not up there with the others.

Group B...what a group!!! :D Inno was on fayyahhh!!! Luv his playstyle, with all that macro goodness! I was really disappointed with Dark tbh :(, getting 4-0d. I think he was having one of those days... :((( I still think the best match was between soO and Classic! What players!!! Felt really sorry for classic, but tbh either one of them could have got through and thoroughly deserved it!

Getting hyped for the next groups!! :DDD

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