God of War Update 1.14 Available Now, Patch Notes Are Light On Changes (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
Sony Santa Monica has been releasing patches in rapid succession after God of War's launch, but there hasn't been a lot of details on what exactly is being fixed. The same applies to update 1.14, which is available to download on PS4 right now.

God of War patch notes for update 1.14, as reported by PushSquare, just reads "various bug fixes and improvements" which is very similar to update 1.13. This is likely going to be the rule for a while unless some significant issue is revealed and fixed, like the option in patch 1.12 that made the game's text more readable.
If you've yet to play or are curious how the full experience holds up, you should read our God of War review. One of the negative marks is involving the wealth of collectibles but, if you're a completionist like many, you can bookmark our God of War Guide, Collectibles, & Walkthrough hub so you can find everything the game has to offer.


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