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Sep 10, 2015
San Diego, CA
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Anyone have a recommendation for a gen monk build? I normally play Uliana's and go with a cold EP build. Looking for something different for casual play (don't care much about pushing leaderboards or anything like that...just want something competent and fun).



Mar 31, 2016
I am thinking about trying this out to so if you find a good way to setup the build I would like to learn it lol.


Dec 26, 2016
As far as I know gen monk is for pushing.

If you want casual speed farm, kick or one-punch build is the way to go.


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Nov 21, 2016
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2.4.3 Monk Inna Build - Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Season 9 - YouTube

That video is from Ryker, it's a spin off the old style full Rainment build Generator Monk. I was going to go with this for Season 9 until I found the Lightning Wizard.

It isn't considered "as good" as the full set Rainment build Gen Monk, but is considered to be good enough to push if wanted. I'd assume if you're just looking to speed farm 70's or so with it then it would more than handle it.

If you do run it or try it, post back some feedback here if you can, would love to have some more details on it. I might look at it late Season or maybe for Season 10 if nothing else sparks my interest.


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Sep 10, 2015
San Diego, CA
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Ok. Thanks guys. I'm not actually playing a monk this season, though. I played a Uli Cold EP last season, and still just going through my stash in the mailbox. Have a bunch of other stuff that I wanted to equip on my alt monk, so I figured I'd try out a Gen Monk build, or even something else (except support...not a fan).
[MENTION=74786]Cayan[/MENTION], if gen monks are more for pushing, then maybe I'll try out something LTK. Do you think I should go with a Monk Set? Or LoN?
[MENTION=73918]KailJoric[/MENTION], thanks for the link; I'll give that a watch and see if I like that one.

Overall, this alt monk is probably not going to get played very much for a while. Probably be playing other classes over the next couple seasons (I only stick to one, really, per season). I just wanted to keep a set up of decent stuff I have in stash mail, so I can ditch the rest.

Thanks again. Anything else you guys can share would still be appreciated.



Oct 29, 2016
For the Gen Monks after 2.4.3 the R6 Gen Monk, and the Inna's Gen Monk, only difference outside of the gear and what have you is the R6 allows for a slightly higher DPS and lousy Defense, where as the new Inna's gives you more Defense, with a close comparison to DPS ability. Myself I went with the R6 last season, and didnt really push with it, but for groups I would see what people are using in groups, and then see what they're also using for solo's

You already have the link for the Inna's build, here is the build for the R6 from Quinn69 D3: GR100+ R6 Generator Monk (2.4.2 | Raiment | Season 7) - YouTube

Since Quinn doesnt play D3 anylonger, give this streamer a look, all he does is Monk
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