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Oct 29, 2016

Found some actual footage taken during Blizcon 2016 that wasnt from Blizzard....Looking like it wont be a good GR solo pusher, but rather a "decent" group build.


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Nov 21, 2016
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Good video. That's Lynexiaa she has a Twitch channel she plays quite a bit of Diablo 3 among other games. From what I've gathered she goes to all the big conferences out in California and has developed a pretty good relationship with a bunch of the developers out there.

She doesn't have the best channel on Twitch and she can be a bit boring or drab at times, but she seems plugged into the community out there.

I'm glad the Necro is finally making an appearance, I know when D3 was first announced and the class list didn't have some of the old favorites from D2 it was quite a big stink.

I'm hoping that the next big release from the Diablo group will be bigger than just a new class and some game changes, I'd like to see either a full expansion or at least give us three new classes and some added depth to the current game.

I don't expect a Diablo 4 any time before 2020 if it ever happens, but I do expect them to make a big rollout for Diablo 3 before 2018.


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Nov 21, 2016
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ooooo i love playing necros, cant wait for this

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