Game Night Hosts needed for Fallout 76! (1 Viewer)

We are in need for game hosts for Fallout 76! Read the info below and let me know if you are interested. It is a very easy job and you also earn Fever Coins!

Job Position:
Game Night Host (2)


Fallout 76

Rank Potential:
Enlisted or Officer

Job Description:
Host at least one game night each week. We are looking for two to be able to work together to make sure our game nights are well staffed. Responsibilities would include working with our Game Night Coordinator in scheduling events, posting events to the calendar, and hosting the events themselves. When hosting, you would be running the show - organizing the group to a server/event location, keeping the group together, and logging the event and attendees for the clan records. Game Nights typically last two hours, but could be more or less depending on participants and events. You will also earn Fever Coins for this position.

Please contact:
OmegaDir, Daddyoisme

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Apr 8, 2019
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You both know my availability. Week days only. ;)

PS: My timezone is currently 2 hours ahead of EST, now that you Murikans traveled back in time. :p

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