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So figured since I started playing again, i'd make a clan chat (Or I guess Friend chat on RS3?) as a centralized location for Fever members who currently play Runescape to gather and just hang out and chat in-game.

My RS account is Scourgecorp so that's the name to enter to jump into the channel. I have it open to anyone to enter, so even if i'm not online to add someone, they can still enter.
Feel free to add me as well. I tend to jump between both OSRS and RS3.

Just a side note, Fever's clan rules will still apply while in my clan/friend chat, so if I see someone breaking them in the chat, i'll kick from the chat without warning. Fair heads up I reckon. =p

Hopefully we get some, even if just a small number of people hanging around in the chat, hanging around!

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