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Updated as of: 5-25-2020

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  • Some forums are not displaying any threads at all / blank forums.
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Rolling Plugin Updates/Changes


The thread is locked -- This is for informational purposes to keep everyone on the same page about the changes to the additional features on the forums.
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Weekly Digest

  • Sends an email to your members every week showing most popular topics.
  • Can unsubscribe / Opt-out

Email subscription

  • Sends an email every day showing most popular topics
  • Opt-in only

Mark Thread Resolved

  • Allows thread starter or staff to change thread prefix to resolved with one click.

Meta Tags (per thread)

  • Allows adding a descriptive title and description meta tag.
  • Meta tags are used by search engines to give your threads a title and description in their search results. Sometimes the thread title and description is not very descriptive. So for best SEO results, this add-on allows staff to easily provide a more detailed title and description for the meta tag.
(thread Options)

Return: Search Conversations

  • Allows searching of conversations


  • Widgets have been added
  • Fixed issues with groups
  • Performance improvements

Similar Threads

  • Bug Fixes
  • Search improvement updates
  • Display Improvements

Easy Search

  • Enhanced search Features

Forum Statistics Plus

  • Fixed issues with cron jobs

Move Threads

  • Performance improvements

Search Log

  • Performance Improvements
Advanced Forms

  • Fix - Type option Show in navigation tab doesn't do anything
  • Fix - Wrong user permissions being checked for file upload
  • Add - Form sort display order
  • Add - Form type sort display order
  • Change - Form report title replacement variable {2} removed in preference for {A1}
  • Add - Option to wrap unregistered user IP in additional BBCodes
  • Add - Conditional questions now usable in report title
  • Add - Error when question in report title is not required to be answered
  • Add - Error when question answer is defined in report title but no questions have been created
  • Change - Filled out form will no longer post if all answer types({A#}) in report title are not answered
  • Fix - Form button in thread quick reply not usable on all systems
  • Fix - Post thread button replaced with form button even after deleting form
  • Fix - User form count not reset for users when Form use limit is changed to unlimited
  • Reinstate - Options that do not apply to the selected answer type are no longer displayed when editing a question
  • Change - Secondary user group changes now handled by XenForo user group change service (SEE NOTE)
  • Change - Forms with Form use limit now removed from available form list when user reaches limit
  • Fix - Node ID error if user removes thread ID from form button url
  • Fix - All of the above checkboxes not working as expected on some sites
  • Fix - Error submitting form when checkbox is used as conditional trigger
  • Fix - URL BBCode in question causes admin question list display to not show question
  • Fix - Conditional qustions not being parsed properly when form is used as a quick reply to thread
  • Fix - Forms tab not being hidden when no forms are available to a user
  • Fix - Long time, elusive, mystic disappearing post new thread from form button label
  • Add - Checkbox answer type user selection limit
  • Change - Forms tab will remain selected when a form is selected from the form list page (see NOTE)
  • Change - Expected answers delimiter from comma to new line
  • Change - User criteria display on type and form admin pages to account for incompatible add-on
  • Change - Options that do not apply to the selected answer type are no longer displayed when editing a question
Password Features:

  • Show password feature, allow users to toggle to see what they have actually entered.
  • Show users how strong their passwords really are when it comes to crack-attempts
  • Deliver instant feedback if password and password-confirm match and/or certain requirements are not met
  • Force users to choose passwords with a minimum strength
  • Force users to choose passwords with a minimum length
  • Force users to choose a password not containing words from a blacklist you define
  • No cheating: This modification also controls users passwords on server side with Ben Jeavos php-implementation of zxcvbn.


Administrator Features
  • Set holiday timers to start/stop the holiday styling and effects based on the dates specified
  • Get started easily with premade holidays for New Year, Birthday, Christmas, Winter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and 4th of July
  • Add animated fireworks, hearts, bats, confetti, snowflakes or leaves over the entire page
  • Add themed styling components
  • Create your own custom holidays with custom graphics
  • Calculate start/end dates with callbacks
  • Set up Holidays to automatically select the holiday that should be displayed
User Features
  • Enable/disable holiday styling in user preferences
  • See the festivities displayed on the community

Alert Improvements:
  • Compatibility fix for 3rd party add-ons which replace an expected ArrayCollection object with an array
  • When summarizing alerts hopefully reduce the chance of deadlocking, and if it happens gracefully recover
  • Fix XF2.0 support, and prevent duplicate queries on XF2.1
  • Fix that marking extra alerts as read was not working as expected with XF2.1+
  • Fix AdminCP User edit setting 'alerts page skips mark read' to the same value as 'alerts pop-up page skips mark read'

Report Improvements:
  • Require XF2.1+, remove XF2.0 support
  • Improve reliability of 'mark report resolved on issue a warning' feature
  • Fix that some report view checks did not respect the "Can View Report Centre" permission
  • Fix that alerts would be repeatedly sent instead of only when there are unread alerts for that report


  • Improvements

User Mention Improvements:

  • Avoid pushing all post notifications through the job notification system (previous add-on behaviour), while limiting how long for initial replies to be sent.
  • Stock XF takes upto 3 seconds per reply to send notifications., add-on limits to 0.5 seconds.

Search Improvements:

  • Do not apply content weighting which skips content types for content type specific searches

Attachment Improvements:

  • Fix "Call to a member function save() on null" when handing an invalid jpeg
  • Fix SVG thumbnail support for XF2.1 (for new attachments)

Warning Improvements -- Removed

Cache Improvements

  • Work-around for buggy browsers failing to request css URLs properly
Discord App:
  • The account sync cron job has been made faster. Instead of syncing 1 account every 5 minutes (which limits to 288 accounts per day); the cron has been updated to run every 1 minute (which limits to 1440 accounts per day).
  • You can now redefine the sync buffer limit on the options page. In previous versions, an account could only be synced with Discord once every 24 hours. You can now redefine this limit to make the buffer longer or shorter if needed.
  • The connected accounts list will now do a better job at showing the user's avatar. It will also now include the user's discriminator ID. Unfortunately, the data may be blank until the user disconnects and reconnects their.
  • Ban syncs will now provide a reason in Discord logs.
  • Fixed the user count on the navbar based on Discord API changes.
  • Fixed some thread posting based on moderation queues.
awards form changes.png

Changes to the awards form. All of the awards forms should be updated in the next day or two with this style. Let us know if anything should be changed or added in terms of the awards request template. We've added a header with a link to the awards table with the pictures and descriptions of the awards. Added the ability to select multiple awards at once. Also changed the verbiage from "upload your evidence." to "Upload your Screenshot!"

-- The screenshots are not as important/restricted as they used to be in the past. Do the best you can with providing the screenshot for the award, but sometimes may not be necessary.
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