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Mar 2, 2015
I want to Are - na (Huh?)
You want to Are - na (Yeah?)
We need to Are - na (Cool)
Let's enter the Are - na (Lemme get up)

[Verse 1 - Zae]
Saturday mornin', I ain't gotta work
Last night's stream sold a lot of merch
Bad Belf in my bed so I ain't gotta jerk
AJ's list caught me so it's hard to make the sub money hurt.
All we need is good B. Grounds and some Bou Lou
Five to one and still guaranteed I can take you
Still keeps the healer just in case we have a boo-boo
Alliance City natives and we all a little coo-coo

[Hook: AngushX]
This the type of shit that make the forums go crazy
In the Rogue forums bitchin' all da - ay
They said; "Fuckin quit for me baby"
Took a double Killing Blow and then they all went crazy
Warlock bitches go crazy
Healer bitches go crazy
Shammy bitches go crazy
This the type of shit that makes the forums go crazy

[Verse 2 - Zae]
So here's the kicker, I don't care they're bitchin'
Keep it so I usually kill a pair that's glitchin'
And I'm lifted on purple hair, before they all ditchin' your twitch 'an
Now that's what I call a fuckin' owned admission
Down there, they got the feral that's missin'
Keep it bare, I promise I'll gank that kitten
I am aware trick's hittin' is the burst beware when I share that stick and
So good I might impair that vision
So I step in and step off
Look for another free kick, then they pissed off
Till I give them a bluff and they lift off
Arena is the mission, I did cross
Three 2k friends, we mixin' these licks when
They big friend wanna lip off
So I told her to run and get lost bitch
This is my rank and it's way to turnt up to trip off shit


[Verse 3 - Crimz6]
Yeah, got that Gladiator hype
My fourth ranked char was a mistweaver mogged white
Crueler than a cruise ship careening into ice
Got my glad ring, married to the game, had 'em throwin' rice
Wait a minute, put my CC in her
Tryina set up, I'm tryina put the fear in her
I get R1 'fore dinner
Got no challenger, cause I am the winner
Slicin' throats like Jack the ripper
She's all bubbled skip her, hard as some nipples
All the shit I do is straight off Hannibal
Tryina squeeze it into my schedule is like a pimple
Tell that poodle "Don't mess around with them pitbulls"


[Verse 4 - Zae]
THis is the endin' from the Zae
Gankin' bitches from behind
If you way to drunk off the 'yac
Spitit up, spit it up, spit it up
The Alliance City, shit's ran gritty
In the summer time, the trolls be damn petty
Born in the Westfall, then to the hills
THen I did a deal with Twitch and made mills.
This is celebration, this is elevation
Me and my delegation got the scrubbies hella hatin'
This is Ravenholdt, Shado Pan, Rogue dog
And we're all gankin' to the music, winners can't lose it, unless
Errbody got their hands up like [Oooh!]
See a bad scrub like [Whooah![
This whole damn city fuckin' go
But this is how the forums go crazy in the MO



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Jan 24, 2016
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Would you mind if I threw the actual instrumental in and rapped this out? I think it would be great [MENTION=48039]RealZae[/MENTION]
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