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Apr 29, 2013
For Honor charts your progression according to reputation. Higher reputation translates to bragging rights, but it also opens up in-game benefits: the better your rep, the better the gear you receive from scavenger chests you can buy from For Honor's customization menu. Read on to learn how reputation can sate your hunger for better swag.
[h=2]How to Gain Reputation[/h]You'll find your reputation on the game's user interface, right before entering one of For Honor's online matches. There are two numbers: the first is your character's level, while the second relates to your gear level. Raise your reputation, and you'll be well on your way to increasing that gear rating, too.
Reputation is For Honor's way of gauging your skill and overall ranking. Advancing your reputation unlocks better equipment for your character to use. You'll also gain access to options like extra gear loadouts, affording you even more control over your play style. Once you hit level 21, reputation resets to 1 and a reef borders your level. Spotting a reef with a number beside it indicates a player with a high rep, and the color of the number speaks to the quality of their gear.
[h=2]How to Get Scavenger Crates[/h]You can buy scavenger crates from For Honor's customization menu at any time, but you're better off waiting until you reach reputation level 1: that's when higher quality gear becomes available. You can tell which gear is better than others by its color. Gear in blue text is a step up from common gear, for example.
To open crates that you've purchased or routed while playing Faction War, open the hero customization screen. Here, you can also spend renown currency on Basic Packs, Armor Packs, Weapon Packs, and Premium Packs. You'll get at least one high-level item per pack, but make sure to wait until you're at reputation level 1 before purchasing to increase your chances of getting a blue item.

  • Basic Pack: costs 300 renown, gives you 3 pieces of gear total (1 guaranteed higher-level gear).
  • Armor Pack: costs 400 renown, gives you 3 pieces of gear total (1 guaranteed higher-level gear).
  • Weapon Pack: costs 400 renown, gives you 3 pieces of gear total (1 guaranteed higher-level gear).
  • Premium Pack: costs 500 renown, gives you 5 pieces of gear total (2 helpings of guaranteed higher-level gear).
Refer to our For Honor guide to learn about the game's character classes as well as general tips and strategies.


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