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"Croatoan: Hello and welcome to this Fever focused member spotlight. This week, we have Abcsam with us. Before we begin, would you like to say something?
Abcsam: Yeah, I hope everybody is having a fantastic weekend, and if you haven't seen Jurassic World,
you should get out and go see it.

Q: So, how did you get your gamer tag?
A: So basically it started off when I used to play red alert, it was an RTS, well if anybody hasn't heard of it. Red alert, Command & Conquer series, played it on Kali when it comes to Kali they didn't have Westwood chat back then so I used to keep VBRich, went onto westwood chat, then all of the sudden it was... VBRich was taken up, so I was like "Boom! Abcsam. 123.

Q: For how long have you used your nickname and did you have any before this one?
A: Kept my gamer tag for 7 years now? Nah, actually its closer to 10.

Q: So this is your first and only gamer tag?
A: Yeah, followed up by VBRich.

Q: What does that mean? "VBRich"?
A: I used to play volleyball back in high school, and a group of us played volleyball, so we all started off with VB, which stands for volleyball. There's actually another person in the clan, TheDonkey. He's part of it too. so, kind of carried it over and stuck throughout the years.

Q: How did you get into gaming?
A: Good question. I would say I got into gaming very young, probably around 4 or 5 when my family brought home a Nintendo. And i saw Donkey Kong and right then I knew I was in love. And my uncle used to play Mike Tyson's punchout all the damn time on it, so watching him play, I slowly just got into games and then I got Sega Genesis, and through that I found myself playing more computer games, which, once again is how I got my nickname. And now I'm here with everybody.

Q: What was your favorite Nintendo game?
A: I would say my favorite Nintendo game was probably... ah man, there are so many. I got to go with Zelda, actually no wait, I take that back. Mario Brothers 3 I'll never forget the first time I put that raccoon hat on and took off across the map.

Q: How long have you been into gaming?
A: Probably the better part of 20 years.

Q: After Nintendo you said you went to PC, no consoles after that?
A: No, well went Nintendo, Sega Genesis, then went to N64 for a little bit. But after N64 I knew that Computers were going to be the way to go with gaming. And TheDonkey who I'll refer to over and over again. Him and I, we took odd jobs, I was mowing lawns and he was pulling weeds and stuff like that, we basically saved up enough to buy our first computer, and then we sufficiently blew up the processor because we didn't think heatsink mattered.

Q: What kind of computer was it, was it an Apple or just a regular one?
A: No actually, it was an AMD, I think it was a 300. I can't remember what the exact name of the processor was, but it had 300 megahertz. It was an AMD, and we screwed the whole thing up.

Q: What kind of genre of games do you play?
A: Typically I play Strategy games or RTS, I'm moving towards the MOBA genre, my main game in Fever has been Diablo 3, which I guess you call an RPG. But with Blizzard doing so well with everything I've kind of moved my way over to HotS. Because it's fun, and the people are nice.

Q: What attracts you to play them the most?
A: Character growth, first and foremost. Definitely like, when you have a character that you can kind of take from nothing and build it all the way up to something that's really important and you care about, and like you should. You know, you put that much time and effort into it and to see the rewards is fulfilling to say the least.

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: Me? Right now, I basically do sales. So I help people sell stuff and I've done very well at doing sales.

Q: Are you selling something specific?
A: I sit on a board for 1 company and helping drive another company to success right now .

Q: What do you do in your free time when you're not gaming or working?
A: That's actually a really good question, most often it's been taken up by work, which now that I'm only sitting on a board. I'm not having to work so hard, just giving me more time to plan. But, my girlfriend basically told me, she's like: "Look, you know, if you're going to play these games during your free time, why don't you back off of work and spend more time with me" So I was like, that seems like a great idea. I get to play videogames AND hang out with you. When I'm not gaming, right now I'm definitely hanging out with her, spending time with her, and just having fun.

Q: Does your girlfriend game with you?
A: No, she despises video games.

Q: What do you think is the hardest thing you did in live that you are willing to talk about?
A: So when you start something, everybody thinks it's going to be really easy. The hardest thing that I ever did was help start a company. The first 3 years, me and this other guy, we were just sitting in this room, hitting our heads against the wall over and over again, losing money, looking at each other like "fuck, this isn't going to work" And you know, I think it was those 3 years where you had questions, doubts, maybe even thought you were going to be a complete failure. But sticking it through that, like, working through that is what makes it important.

Q: Do you have any advice for people in that situation?
A: Yeah actually I do, it's not going to come easy, you're definitely going to have a lot of losses that are going to hit you really hard, probably harder than a truck would hit you. The second thing is, and this'll probably impact more people, is. You should never take advantage of a customer. A very smart person once told me that: "a good deal is when somebody makes money and somebody saves money, it's never a rip-off".

Q:Is that your philosophy that you live by?
A: I think my philosophy that I live by is probably just:
A- do right by others.
B- don't take advantage of a situation that you don't have to take advantage of.
C- be a gentleman.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?
A: Alright, so I'm a little bit of a metalhead, I like Soil, Sevendust, Metallica, so definitely heavy rock.

Q: Favorite song?
A: Probably: Soil - Halo


Q: What's you favorite video on youtube?
A: Because of my two dogs Becks and Becca


Q: Do you watch movies or TV shows
A: I have been getting into Game of Thrones, just because it's so popular and its actually really good. I do watch some movies, basically the kind of Comedy, Old School. "This is the end" Actually, the original Ted movie I thought was hilarious

Q: Would you recommend me and the people listening any TV show??
A: Well, since everybody likes Game of Thrones. What we haven't seen, we haven't seen a lot of Peaky Blinders on Netflix, that's a really good one.

Q: What about movies?
A: If you haven't watched "Margin call", it's got Kevin Spacey. A very good movie, talking about the whole collapse of the housing market and how that whole thing started. Hollywood does a great job portraying how that whole thing went down.

Q: Is Kevin Spacey your favorite actor?
A: He's close, he's not my favorite.

Q: Who is?
A: Tom Cruuuiiiseee. I'm going to sound so cheesy by saying that, but after Top Gun. He's a good guy.

Q: Would you like to mention a someone in Fever that you gotten close to and you like to game with?
A: Actually, I would mention a couple of people. First and foremost I want to mention [MENTION=48146]Mossyoak[/MENTION] for picking on me constantly, nah he's a good guy. [MENTION=49845]jbo96[/MENTION], is ahead of Mossyoak because jbo and I have been friends since I started here and we both started around the same time and [MENTION=48366]efgodlike[/MENTION] for being a boss when it comes to helping me out with forum work and things like that.

Q: And the last question, how did you find out about Fever and how did you join?
A: Probably the best story ever, so, no joke. Playing Diablo 3 really late at night, went onto the forums, found Heybob, which, I don't know where that guy has been, if he's coming back or not, but he's awesome. Found Heybob, then I was like "Hey! Make this clan sounds amazing" and he just shot of so many bullet points to me, that I was like "you had me, 'this is how awesome we are'" No joke. I was sitting there in Diablo chat, talking to him and he was like "Look dude, you can do this, this, this, we have Fever coins, we help our players, we have ranks, we have everything else, it's really fun, its huge, it's not just 1 game. Go here to this link" And then immediately when I went to the link, it was just this big blue screen of death that was Fever clan."
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