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Apr 29, 2013
Just about a year ago in February 2017 the crew at Team Gotham put all their efforts towards getting their latest project funded through crowdfunding game development site, FIg. Now, just about a year since they made their funding goals, Team Gotham has launched their VR puzzler on Steam. While it has nothing to do with the rapscallion smuggler pilot that had Jabba the Hutt in a tizzy in the Star Wars films, Solo still promises to offer up an entertaining VR experience all its own.

From what I gathered in the Solo press release this is a game about exploration and love:
"Solo is an introspective puzzle adventure set on a gorgeous dream-like archipelago where players reflect on love while exploring each unique island. The contemplative narrative challenges players to think about how their own loving relationships have shaped their experience while offering many ways to solve each puzzle."
Visually, Solo reminds me of Zelda's Windwaker mixed with a little bit of Adventure Time and looks to offer up some interesting hypothetical queries on the subject of romance. Personally, I've always enjoyed reflecting on love over a bottle of red wine and a little Miles Davis, but I don't see any reason why I couldn't add a little VR puzzling into the ritual. Players interested in experiencing an love epiphany of their own or just looking for a fun new puzzle game to use with their HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can head over to Solo's Steam page and pick up a digital copy for themselves right now at 10% off the original price.
Solo is currently available for PC for use with VR kits only.


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