FIFA 18 Adds 'World Cup' Content for Free in May (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
The World Cup is set to kick off later this summer. And there's a lot of excitement in the air for it, even without a few of soccer's heaviest hitters. (And that, of course, is a reference to Italy. Nobody considers the United States a heavy hitter in men's soccer.)

On Monday, EA Sports announced that FIFA 18 would be getting in on the World Cup festivities with the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia update. This update will feature all 32 World Cup teams, along with match balls, all 12 official stadiums, trophies, and even a few teams that didn't make it. Yes, that includes soccer powerhouse Italy. (Oh, and the United States.) The update will also include multiple game modes, which include the ability to play through the World Cup as it's currently constituted, a Custom World Cup Tournament, online play, and a FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia add-on will release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as a free update on May 29. The mobile versions of FIFA will also get a World Cup update a week later on June 6. Find more information on this update on the EA Sports website.


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